Overcoming fear is a long game

Gig mindset work cultures are forerunners of work organizations where fear does not dominate.

Did lock-down and working from home give people more freedom, decrease fear?

  • “Individuals are showing willingness to experiment and “dare to do” more than before. However genuine, deeper individual freedoms such as challenging the status quo have not increased much.””
  • “Individuals reported that they felt more freedom, able to break the rules and accomplish more. However, in spite of doing more networking, they did not feel more connected.”

Is the great resignation a sign that we are overcoming fear?

  • Becoming irrelevant, skills no longer needed
  • Becoming financially insecure, unable to pay the bills, buy nice things for our kids
  • Being adrift in a new world where technology, politics and global forces are dominating our lives
  • “Freedom to experiment helps people prioritize, make decisions, and rethink how they work.”
  • “Distributed decision-making gives people at the edges of organizations a voice in … transformation.”



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Jane McConnell

Jane McConnell


Author: The Gig Mindset Advantage. https://www.netjmc.com/ 20yrs advising large organizations, 12 yrs of global research on work culture & leadership. Podcast