Mirror, Mirror

We are all familiar with the Queen’s Magic Mirror from Snow White. You ask who’s the fairest maiden in all the land and girls silently wish it would speak their names. We all have this mirror that shows us things the naked eyes don’t normally see. However, we always choose not to look closely so we keep it where we can avoid our own reflection.

We are a generation who finds pleasure in beauty products that even some men are enchanted by them. Cream that hides the blemish, a pencil that straightens what is crooked, a range of colors that bring vibrant to your face, who wouldn’t find them fancy? Accessories that make you look sophisticated, stylish, or fresh, aren’t they good for expressing one’s self? And with the popularity of social media, our self image can be anyone we want it to be — smart, well-off, lovely.

It is not wrong to have a liking for them. After all, we are all entitled to feel good about ourselves and embrace our individuality. But at the end of the day, you’ll have to remove all the outward adornment and look at your bare self. Do you like what you see? Would your feelings be the same toward that person in front of you despite being ordinary?

When your heart is scarred and wounded, when you allow selfishness, envy, or bitterness to linger, when you’re empty and have nothing to flaunt, can you still say you’re beautiful? Do you still consider yourself worthy? We often cover up our mess and pretend we’re strong, happy, and doing well even though everything inside is falling apart. When you regard the true condition of your self, how will you confront the frailties?

Nobody expects you to be perfect. You stumble, you fall, you bleed. Your scars speak of forbearance and resilience from battles nobody might know about. The imperfections you hate are what make you the person you are and the person you might become. Monsters from within do exists but they aren’t you.

You are a vessel — breakable and finite. What makes you beautiful is the light that lives inside you, one that cannot be put off. Sometimes we don’t see it because we focus on concealing the wounds from our struggles. Other times it becomes dim because we magnify our weaknesses. But if you will allow yourself to be what it really is, that light can shine through the cracks of your broken self.

Your value won’t change no matter what you’ve been through. It will always be defined by the greatness of the light inside you. How you reflect the eminence of that light is what makes you beautiful. And having that light is what makes you worthy.

It’s totally fine to be not okay. Embrace your self fully. You are the person who is permanently stuck with you for life. You’ve got to be good to yourself. Love it a little more. The more you look in to the mirror, the better your reflection will get. Then, you’ll realize that the fairest is you all along. Always will be.



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