5 Must-Read Life Tips About Confidence, Purpose & Collaboration

The term #ladyboss is buzzing among teenagers, and we couldn’t be happier about it. One the strongest motivators that keeps The Girls’ Lounge running is our determination to make the future better for our future leaders. One of the ways we pay it forward is by working with girls, and connecting the incredible women in our community with the girls of the next generation. By mentoring, coaching, and making life wisdoms available, we hope to leave a legacy and a brighter world.

On the morning of Saturday, 3/12 at The Girls’ Lounge @ SXSW, we’re welcoming our friends at Built By Girls, an incredible community that funds, supports and connects female founders to make their dreams and ideas a reality. BBG will be hosting Confidence Coaching: Tech Boss 101, and tutoring girls about the professional skills needed to kill it in their chosen careers. In preparation for these life-changing, girl-to-girl discussions, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite pieces of wisdom about confidence, purpose and the power of collaboration from the women of The Girls’ Lounge.

“One of my favorite quotes is by Marianne Williamson; “as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” We’re so hard on ourselves as people, and we especially as women can be. We see all the insecurities, we see all the flaws, we can be self conscious about so many things. You have to see something good in yourself, and gravitas is seeing that, recognizing it, and putting it out in the world. Confidence is contagious, when you feel it, it gives others the chance to feel confident too.”

Lisa Sun, founder & CEO, Project Gravitas

“Bring your best self to the table. Learn how to collaborate with others. See your team as an extension of yourself, where it’s in everyone’s best interest to do their best work and advance. Undo what you learned in school — competition is taught to be the best attribute to success, but it isn’t. Collaboration, partnership and trust are the secrets.”

Shelley Zalis, founder & CEO, The Girls’ Lounge

“Success is staying true to myself, being the best version of myself I can be. It’s living a life that fulfills me, recognizing that what this means it can, and will, change over time. Failure, done right, is about learning and can lead to success.”

Robyn Ward, Head of New Media Ventures, UTA

“It’s okay to be human. There are still days where we don’t feel as confident in ourselves… when we wake some mornings and are just over it and frustrated with life. It’s okay to have that feeling. Confidence is something that I work on on a daily basis. I’ve been able to figure out what my triggers are, in that sense, I can keep myself from going down into that hole and feeling sorry for myself. To be able to have those tools [for recognizing self consciousness and confidence] in place is something that I would say I have grown into, but it’s also something that I’m always going to be working on.”

Lizzie Velásquez, Speaker, Author, Activist

“Playing safe does not drive big wins. Big wins require failures along the way and failure drives growth and mental toughness. Ask for help, lots of it, along the way but also pay it back by paying it forward. Be curious. Be grateful. Be a person of integrity and humility… all these traits together, will open doors faster than you can possibly enter.”

Grace Jeon, CEO, JUST Water

Tune in live on Twitter from 10a-12p CST on Saturday, March 12, 2016 when we’ll be tweeting BBG’s Confidence Coaching: Tech Boss 101 live from The Girls’ Lounge.

Written with ❤ by the Girls at The Girls Lounge.

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