August Power Horoscopes

Our resident Astrologer, Shawna McGrath, has crafted some insightful horoscopes for us this month. Shawna is a teacher and counselor with a decade of experience empowering women to transform their lives with Astrology and mediation. She’s been published in the Huffington Post and shares videos on her YouTube channel for weekly inspiration.

This month is all about love, romance and your heroine’s journey. ❤

We often associate romance with partnership and sex but it’s so much more than that! Romance is about the story. It’s about passion, desire, challenge and triumph! There’s a hero in every story and in this story, the hero is YOU!

The Sun in Leo this month is a reminder that you’re the star of your life and there’s no reason to be anything but proud, regal and victorious! This lovely Leo energy brings new opportunities to give and receive love.

This month, share your heart lavishly and be open to receive adoration from unexpected places. Overall, you’re set up for success this month when you live as if you’re the heroine of this story called your life…because you are.


Happy Birthday Leo! With a New Moon in your sign on August 2nd, it’s your personal New Year’s! This month, you have many of chances to connect with your innate regal vibe. Be a good steward of your authority this month. You’re rewarded when you approach projects with diligence, justice and devotion. Enjoy your birthday month!

August Power Mantra: I’m a royal goddess and I’m awesome!


Lovely Virgo, this month for you is about cleansing and renewal. August is the dark moon phase of your annual evolutionary cycle. There’s deep wisdom within you at this time. Get some downtime to cleanse your psyche from the stresses of life. You have excellent support with Jupiter (luck) and the North Node (destiny) still in your sign — harness these vibes with contemplative and reflective practices such as journaling, yoga or meditation.

August Power Mantra: My wisdom runs deep


Gorgeous Libra, this month you’re being called to integrate a craving for freedom. Pay attention to situations where you feel stuck or stagnant and notice if there are ways in which you’re the one binding yourself. Are you seeking freedom from the outside when it’s really an inside job? An internal revolution will empower and enliven you this month.

August Power Mantra: I’m powerful when I free my mind


Smoldering Scorpio, this month is all about manifesting because Saturn (manifesting and real world stuff) meets your ruling planet Mars (desire). You’ll have opportunities to meet adversity head-on with frustration and impatience or with devotion and skill. This choice is yours! The secret is to offer your heart and your hustle.

August Power Mantra: I’m a hustlin’ boss babe!


Fun loving Sagittarius, this month stay strong on your course of action! With your ruling planet Jupiter moving quickly through the end of Virgo, you’re being asked to master the details with discernment. Use a critical eye with your projects and Jupiter will bring much luck and synchronicity.

August Power Mantra: My dreams are fueled by my work


Capricorn, this month you get to enjoy some freedom! It’s time to capitalize on all the hard work you’ve done this year. You’ve accomplished a lot and there are some things you can release for now. It’s up to you to decide, only you know what needs to go.

August Power Mantra: Freedom is a state of mind


Unconventional Aquarius, this month is super charged with good vibes and lots of manifesting power! With a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in your sign on August 18th, there’s sure to be some drama and adventure! This Full Moon is extra special because it activates your ruling planet Uranus which is all about freedom, revelations and lightening bolt insights. Watch out for new insights and unexpected gifts all month long!

August Power Mantra: I’m open to unexpected awesomeness!


Gentle Pisces, this month you’re still in the waxing (growing) phase of the annual lunar cycle which means that your energy is still expanding. There’s more to do even though things may feel a bit uncertain. Where you’re already invested is where your energy is needed most. Do all things with love and you can’t go wrong.

August Power Mantra: I lovingly share energy with grace


Fierce Aries, this month pay extra attention to the ways in which you express yourself. The planet Uranus (freedom of self expression) is stationing retrograde (internalized) in your sign. You’re being asked to balance connection to your community while maintaining your unique independence. Stay true to your authentic nature and all will be well.

August Power Mantra: I’m most loved when I’m untamed


Serene Taurus, this month for you is about morals, ethics and principals. Are you questioning yourself this month? What battles are worth fighting? Only you can answer these questions for yourself. Your heart doesn’t lie. Your body doesn’t lie. Intense feelings are indicators that something is important to you and requests your action.

August Power Mantra: My power is in my capacity to honor my values


Curious Gemini, what is it that you’re creating this month? There’s great promise and reward when you devote your heart to the cause. This month, multitasking is overrated. Devote your energy to what’s truly important to you. You’ll be rewarded in the long run for your efforts.

August Power Mantra: I’m devoted to my passion


Sweet Cancer, this month it’s about movin’ and shakin’. Take a few calculated risks. This isn’t a time to be shy. You don’t have to be reckless, but you’re being asked to take emotional risks. It’s a month of exploration and growth. Watch out for ways in which you can stay receptive in the face of fear. When you’re vulnerable, you’re stronger than ever.

August Power Mantra: Vulnerability is true strength

Written with ❤ by our resident Astrologer, Shawna McGrath.

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