The Importance of Pulling Others Up On Your Climb To The Top

The Girls’ Lounge was created with the knowledge that, “if we could have done it alone, we would have by now!” Knowing mentorship is the cornerstone of our movement, we created a space for our community to share stories between women working at the top, on the rise and everything in between. You, bold, brave, women who make up The Girls’ Lounge — whether handing out knowledge or keenly listening — have nurtured that space.

In our video series #AskHer, we were able to sit down with three women who have built their careers off active participation in mentorship. Both as mentors and mentees, these women see a strong female leader as a woman who not only draws her own path, but climbs her way to the top while pulling up others with her.

From the girls of The Girls’ Lounge to you, words of wisdom about overcoming challenges to best your best:

1. Mentorship outlasts hardship. “Mentorship is so much of a two way street, it’s really about investing in that person,” co-founder of Vital Voices Alyse Nelson highlights the non-conventional mentor, “great mentors are not necessarily your cheerleader, but they’re certainly always in your corner.” A mentor standing with mentee in shadow, is an old stereotype. Today’s strong female leaders know that they too can refresh their own passion in a career through a relationship with a mentee.

2. Finding grace on the path. “I find that the next generation is obsessed with knowing exactly what they want to do, and making it to the top immediately,” MAKERS co-founder Dyllan McGee told us, “You don’t have to worry so much about getting it right the 1st time… jump in and try.” Dylan reminds us why mentorship is so crucial —because we often don’t know which way we’re going. Remembering we’re not alone gives us the courage to keep things messy, finding ourselves in the most authentic and passionate positions.

3. Tough coach, best coach. “Feedback is a gift,” not a light statement from Lisa Sun of Project Gravitas whom hired a life coach after one bad review exposed room for growth in her leadership skills. “It was heartbreaking, instead of shutting down and thinking ‘this person doesn’t like me’ I went back to my mentor,” Engaging in a difficult dialogue with her mentor became Lisa’s narrative on resilience. Her courage to believe in herself lead to this fearless sharing, a vital pulse to creating a space worthy of your own journey upwards.

Have an experience with a mentor that influenced your career that you want to be heard? Share your story & continue to #AskHer below.

Written with ❤ by the Girls at The Girls Lounge.

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