The Messy Middle: What Is It ?

The messy middle is the back door of the workplace, under the glowing red sign reading “EXIT”. It has no label on it — it’s unmarked. There’s no indication of where it leads to. It’s the place not often spoken about. We keep this space in silence, scared that speaking about it will disrupt the way things have always been. As a result, every year our strong, compassionate, and bold women walk through this door.

The messy middle grows ferociously in silence.

But with the lights turned on, the messy middle dissipates immediately as it’s exposed.

Today, with an extraordinary team of panelists, we will bring light to the messy middle. With just one conversation, we will weaken the stronghold the messy middle has on our world’s future of women in leadership roles.

This messy middle affects us all. This exit door gets walked through by women struggling to climb through management, with pending motherhood, and by women who go without mentorship. Through this door our strong 45% stat of entry level working women slims down to just a 17% C-suite positions. The scarcity to speak openly about the messy middle is why it slims down. This is where we lose our compassionate female leaders.

Here at The Girls’ Lounge, we’re not afraid to have people speak about the messy middle.We ask you to remember this as you leave TGL today, to keep the voices chiming. With this conversation to start, and yours to roll, we hold a vision together, that tightens the messy middle. Together we will humanize the workplace and enable women to grow.

Written with ❤ by the girls at The Girls Lounge.

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