Businesses Needs to Emulate the Disney World Magic.. and EVERYBODY wins!

Michael Hersh
Feb 11, 2017 · 4 min read

Is Disney World in Orlando, Florida not the greatest and happiest place on earth?

If you don’t agree, then this article is not going to engage you, so go read more about what Donald Trump did today and focus on that.

If you agree, please keep reading.

Whether it’s genuine or artificial happiness, that’s not the point. Going to Disney provides a unique customer experience and provides memories that will last a lifetime. And no, I’m not being paid by Disney to use their own words and promote them.

And the unique piece of the puzzle is that EVERYBODY wins!

The owners and management of Disney win!

The employees at the parks win!

And the customers win!

Understand I’m not writing about the actual Disney Corporation, as I don’t know much about that culture beyond what I have heard from some who have worked there or per the plethora of articles and books. I won’t theorize based on sour grapes from some who worked there or random internet articles that might have been written by a robot.

This is in reference to Disney World. The atmosphere has worked like a charm generating tons of money to those who consider the almighty dollar the symbol of happiness for decades. Those who work there are always so helpful whether by choice or just because it’s the Disney way. Disney World most importantly generates happiness for grandparents, grown-ups, and of course, the kids.

Those of us lucky to have been to Disney World know how difficult it is to adjust to the REAL World once our vacation has ended. But why does that feeling of awesomeness have to fade away? Isn’t the key piece of life for most is to experience eternal happiness?

I get angry when certain people in the workplace proclaim “This isn’t Disney World!”

Why can’t it be?!?!?!?!

What follows is my basic reasoning that if business leaders can check their egos at their door as it starts from the top down, just copy the Disney formula and EVERYBODY wins!

How Business Owners and & Leaders win: Happiness is proven by science to increase efficiency and production. For these types, it means mo money, mo money!!! They can continue to enjoy the pleasures from money like fancy houses, fancy cars while continuing to be creative if they so choose. It starts from the top down, so if the culture can become like a Disney culture, profits should rise!

How Employees win: Regardless of circumstances outside of work, the Disney policy is to leave your baggage at the door. I spoke to many Disney employees during my last visit. Some indicated they have been working there for years and even met their spouses there, and feel a sense of community. Others indicate there are problems they can’t really get into, but how could they complain about working at a job that makes people happy? Everybody working there from the person in the Donald Duck costume to the ticket checker to the janitor cleaning the toilets all seem very happy and eager to please. Is this not a good thing?

How Customers win: People spend money like water at Disney World, and they do it with a smile. They will gladly purchase a $40 T-Shirt or $15 chotchke Star Wars toy for their kid, and it doesn’t phase them. They do it because it makes them happy and it’s part of the experience. It’s also because Disney and the employees happiness rubs off on them, and perceived value.

So, for the good of mankind and to create more, let’s copy the Disney formula in our businesses big and small, so everybody wins! This needs to happen sooner rather than later!!!

“There are no problems, only opportunities for growth!” -Michael Hersh

The Gist-Inspiration

To inspire people to make an impact in the workplace and educate business owners and management on the benefits of appreciating and engaging your people

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An empath, a non-conformist, a music/TV/movie historian, a believer in the impact of genuine appreciation, a proud father, an AC/DC fan, and much, much, more!

The Gist-Inspiration

To inspire people to make an impact in the workplace and educate business owners and management on the benefits of appreciating and engaging your people