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Fingerprints of Future Funk: Toshiki Kadomatsu and After 5 Clash

The Japanese guitarist’s fourth album, After 5 Clash marked his sonic evolution while laying the foundation for future funk.

Funky Beginnings

The groundwork laid by Kadomatsu on the refreshed single was simply a musical starting point. Over the course of the 10-track record, Kadomatsu crafted guitar licks and arrangements that would eventually become standard samples in the ever-evolving genre of future funk. The two-track intro to Timely!!’s b-side — “I Can’t Stop the Loneliness” and “Shyness Boy” — is among the most frequent fodder of future funk catalogs, the songs finding their way into cuts like Adrianwave’s “It’s Good to See You Again” and Night Tempo’s “Can’t Stop the Loneliness.”

Step into Midnight

The first 20 seconds of After 5 Clash are a trap. A simple guitar loop and humble base and percussion lure you into thinking that Kadomatsu’s 1984 record is a wash-rinse-repeat affair in the vein of his seaside arrangements from years past.



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