Jane Pederson
Dec 1, 2016 · 5 min read
The largest of the 25 Christmas trees in the Main Hall

Christmas at Glensheen truly is a magical time. The incredibly impressive mansion transforms into a cozy, family home. With 25 Christmas trees, hundreds of feet of garland, over 20 hidden elves and free hot cocoa & cookies… the 39-room mansion is even more spectacular than ever.

Touring Glensheen during the Christmas season has become a popular family tradition. This is our most family-friendly time of the year. Kids of all ages are enamored with the hidden elves and are, of course, pumped about the cookies and cocoa. Not only are there the fun perks on tour, but Saturdays and Sundays are self-guided. This makes for a flexible experience at Glensheen when visiting with little ones.

Can you find all 25?

This year’s Christmas season at Glensheen is BIGGER & BETTER than ever. Here’s how to make the most of your epic experience at the mansion.

1 Purchase your tickets online, ahead of time

We have been selling out pre-sale tickets quickly. To avoid long wait times for the next available tour, purchase your tickets on glensheen.org at least one day in advance. No one likes to wait longer than they had planned. So be kind to yourself this holiday season, and buy your tickets online.

2 Visit on a Sunday afternoon

Think about it. You are probably already on your way back home or are settling in for your favorite Sunday night Netflix binge. This is your chance to zig when the world is zagging. Sunday afternoons are the best time to beat the crowds on the weekends.

Think of how much time you will have to soak in all 25 Christmas Trees.

The Christmas Tree in the Library is decorated with the Congdon’s original ornaments

3 #glensheen and #glensheenchristmas

Every Monday, Glensheen officials (hint, I might be one of them) will pick their favorite Instagram photo from the week. This favorite photo will not only earn bragging rights for the weekly Intsagram Photo Contest, but they will also win a Premier Tour. GASP! For those of you who haven’t heard of the Premier Tour yet, you’ll want to.

Simply using #glensheen and #glensheenchristmas on your sweet Intsa pic will enter you into the contest and your chance to win a Premier Tour.

4 Get the fixins’ at the hot cocoa bar

We weren’t lying when we said this year’s Christmas season is bigger and better than ever. Chocolate is a supporting claim to that argument.

We have added an entire self-serve hot cocoa bar, complete with mini marshmallows, cinnamon, Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix and mini candy canes too! It’s free, a part of your tour ticket price.

Sponsor shout out: A big thanks to Hermantown Federal Credit Union for their generous support in making our hot cocoa dreams come true!

5 Cross a few names off your list with local items from our gift shop

Be the cool Duluthian at Christmas and give Duluthian- and Minnesota-made gifts this Christmas from Glensheen’s gift shop.

At Glensheen, we are big supporters of Minnesota businesses and have fabulous Minnesota-made merchandise in the gift shop.

In fact, our mission is to inspire Minnesota pride by preserving and sharing the legacy of Glensheen and to serve as an incubator for positive change. Some of the local companies include, Sota Clothing, Duluth Preserving Co., Frost River, Duluth Pack, Duluth Candle Co., Great Lakes Clothing, and DLH Clothing.

6 Explore the grounds, find the abominable snowman

Explore the grounds if you dare… there is an abominable snowman that roams the grounds. He tends to hang around the boathouse.

Aside from the abominable snowman, the Stone Bridge over Tischer Creek is absolutely breathtaking with a snowy back drop. The 12-acre estate is hard to beat after a fresh snowfall.

7 Take your Christmas card picture at Glensheen

In the newly opened garage we have set up the picture-perfect scene just for you. Sit in the replica cutter sleigh with real evergreen trees perched in the background.

8 Don’t wear high heels

Ladies, we know you like to look good. But you will regret your fashionable decision if you wear heels to Glensheen. Aside from the 39-room, 27,000 square foot mansion that you will be walking through there is also the beautiful 12-acre estate. The grounds of Glensheen are just as beautiful as the mansion.

We can’t wait to see you! Christmas at Glensheen is a favorite time at the mansion, including mine :) Between the cocoa, cookies and elves, it is hard not to be happy.

Purchase your tickets online ahead of time (remember tip #1!) here, glensheen.org.

The Glensheen Collection

Anything and Everything related to Glensheen, the historic Congdon Estate. ~Duluth, MN

Thanks to Amanda Denton

Jane Pederson

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Old mansions and giant lakes are my jam.

The Glensheen Collection

Anything and Everything related to Glensheen, the historic Congdon Estate. ~Duluth, MN

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