The New Summer Tour

Every year for Christmas, our tour gets bigger and better. Well now, so does our Summer Tour.

Things to know:

1. Self-guided

Our classic or standard tour (basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor) is self-guided. Which is a fancy way to say that we now have 13 guides telling you about Glensheen throughout the house instead of one. This way you can ask (almost) any question to the guides stationed throughout the mansion. This way you can experience Glensheen on your time.

2. You get a Calling Card

Just like a hundred years ago in order to enter the mansion, you need to have a calling card. Now when you begin your tour you are given a calling card similar to what you would have had in 1912. Just to make it more interesting, we have selected historic Duluth figures that Chester may have had as a guest. On the back of each card is a little information on those individuals.

When you get to the front door you need to present it to the butler who will then welcome you into the mansion as a guest of the Glensheen.

3. Kids like Museums— on their time

Children @ Tweed Museum

Now less than patient children (like mine) can better enjoy Glensheen, but more importantly the parents can as well.

And you know what… they really like the place. Even the little ones. My daughter refers to it as the castle.

Grass Lawn of Glensheen

4. Plus — we have 22 hidden rubber ducks.

In celebration of the Tall Ships festival, Glensheen has hidden 22 small rubber ducks around the mansion on the classic self-guided tour. Kids in particular enjoy this activity, which keeps them busy, which then allows the adults to better enjoy the exhibit.

Also… some adults enjoy it too.

5. Photos are allowed inside and out.

Now you can take your time to get that perfect photo — that you should share on social media later (#glensheen — just saying, we like to see it too).

Oncoming photo onslaught

Breakfast Room

Lastly, for the many who have come before, you can spend more time in the rooms you want to show off to your friends and family.

6. Yeah.. we have a butler

To make you feel more like a guest, we have brought back the Butler who will not only welcome you but escort you to your first room — the Reception Room.

Just like in 1912, he is in charge of the house. So if you need any help he can find it for you.

7. The reception room is back

After nearly ten years of not being available for guests. We have added our signature, red carpet so that guests can once again enter the room and really take in the “wow” factor. Just like you were meant to have as you waited for the family to come greet you.

8. New Shirts for our Tour Guides

To help make our University of Minnesota tour guides look like college students, we took them out of our past stuffy country club style polos. Now they have t-shirts that better represent them.

The phrase on the back “Mind your Manor” was their idea.

In addition, we the phrase “Ask me (almost) anything” on the sides they are also more inviting to ask questions of. Trust me — they want you to ask them. They pride themselves on how much they know about the estate.

6. We have a maid again

On the 2nd floor we have a maid at the landing who like the Butler can help you with any concern or help you need.

Sometimes they take a break and cheer on runners for Grandma’s Marathon.

Hanging out for Grandma’s Marathon.

9. It is Summer — the grounds look spectacular

Our grounds are award-winning.

We are considered one of the top ten historic gardens in Minnesota, it would be a shame to miss it…just saying.

By the way…the grounds look better than ever. No lie, come see.

We should have concluding sentence. There it was.

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