Does Your Business Need a Fresh Shot of Creativity?

Do you remember how it felt in the first few weeks and months in a new job or business? The crystal clarity with which you were able to see the issues and opportunities, the carte blanche you were offered to ask all the dumb questions (which are often the most insightful), the freedom afforded by not knowing any better. The experience in working life is no different no matter what job you take on. Upon coming to office, the U.S. President is said to have ninety to a hundred days to really make an impact — and it is during this time that he (or one day perhaps she) will certainly have the best shot at seeing challenges with crystal clarity, and feeling out opportunities with the determination of one who doesn’t understand or accept the status quo.

Fresh eyes

Having fresh eyes on a business is liberating. If you don’t know the urban myths that say you can’t, (or at least nobody ever has), then you can’t be limited by them. If you don’t know that it’s just-a-little-bit sensitive to ask that question, then you won’t shy away from tackling the tough stuff. If you don’t know why everyone is ignoring it, then you won’t worry about calling out the elephant in the room. Sometimes you will feel like you’re stating the obvious — but will be treated as though the deep insight you share could be the solution to all the business’ woes. It is easy to forget how blind you become when you’re in the snow storm of the everyday — routines and rationale melt into old wives tales and an iron clad status quo, almost imperceptibly, until someone new has the vision to point them out.

A new way

The problem of course, is that new talent only stays new for a short time. Even with the best of intentions, keeping this ‘fresh eyes’ approach can be a challenge when you are employed for an extended period. But there is a different way to achieve this business advantage.
By using more short term resource — not to sticking plaster over a structural issue, or simply to fill a short term seat — but to bring a fresh insight into the business to tackle a seemingly impossible problem, get stuck into a juicy project, or help to spring board a team to the next level. Short term resource, if selected and managed well, can approach your business with the razor focus of an external consultant, but the intimacy of an employee, and bring the benefits associated with both arrangements.

Try a Jobbatical

And this is where Jobbatical can help. By bringing together people who are looking for challenging and inspiring projects on a short term basis, and companies who need a new shot of creative talent, you can have fresh eyes in your business whenever you want them. You can find your perfect match because you’re fishing in a new talent pool — among people who are not looking for a job, but an inspiring experience, among top talent with global mobility who are seeking a change, and are ready to hit the ground running in a new challenge. So if you’re thinking that your business is ready for a fresh shot of creative talent, start thinking about Jobbatical — we can help you to find your perfect match.

Image credit Sergey Norin on Flickr

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