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How to disrupt FinTech in the tropics

Spoiler alert: You need to build a team that packs a punch

Based in vibrant Kuala Lumpur, Jirnexu is a FinTech startup that enables banks, insurance companies, and service providers to think mobile-first and innovate the way they operate. Jirnexu’s financial comparison tools empower consumers to save money and make smarter decisions. Having recently raised $3M in Series A funding, Jirnexu is making a splash in the industry. We wanted to know more about how they’re doing it, so… we asked them!

Siew Yuen Tuck, CEO of Jirnexu, Southeast Asia’s only full-stack FinTech services provider

Congratulations on your recent funding! What’s the next step on your journey?

More hard work! We’ve been incredibly fortunate in founding a team of like-minded individuals who have a singular vision about the future of internet-based services and applications.

A significant portion of the funding will go toward filling some of the gaps in the team’s skill set.

The management team enjoying a well-deserved photo op complete with mandatory startup beanbags

Tell us about your team. Do you have many international team members?

We have folks from all over the world and from all over Malaysia. Our CTO is French, and our COO British. Our product team includes folks from all over Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

We’re quite young, average age under 30, and we are pretty much obsessed with our work. That said, we love to get out and about together, eat, drink, and enjoy ourselves over a good technical argument.

Working hard is easy when you love your job

What are the benefits of having a multicultural team?

It’s wonderful to have a global team. We learn a lot from each other and each other’s cultures, and it puts a healthy dose of perspective on the team’s work. There’s nothing like stopping to listen to an opposing point of view.

Why did you decide to look for talent on Jobbatical?

We’d like to add even more of an international flavour to the team, and we need fresh talent. Jobbatical looks like the perfect place to find people who want to experience different cultures, learn, and work.

What would people love most about working at Jirnexu?

If you’re working for Jirnexu as a developer, you get to play with some cutting-edge stuff. For people who love tomorrow’s internet technology, it’s like working with a big toy box.

We’re also a fun bunch with a healthy dose of crazy!

Pictured here: a healthy dose of crazy. Conferences don’t have to be boring.

Why would coming to Malaysia be a good move for top international talent?

There’s more going on in Malaysia than meets the eye. Sure, Singapore gets all the sexy startup coverage, but there are just as many companies in Malaysia doing work that’s just as exciting.

Kuala Lumpur has a great standard of living; it’s cheap, the food is amazing and thanks to AirAsia, the rest of the region is no more than a couple of hours’ flight away—perfect if you like the odd long weekend!

Malaysia is the perfect place to exercise your love for the great outdoors. Don’t forget your helmet!

What is your vision of the future of FinTech, and what role does Jirnexu play in it?

Jirnexu is building the backbone of FinTech services in Southeast Asia. We are the only company offering banks and insurance companies full-stack FinTech today.

We intend to lead the way over the next five years.

Inspired to join this awesome team and make your mark in the finance space? You’re in luck—they’re looking for a content marketing manager and a brand and communications manager.