G20: More like Eight little guys

Manisha Georgina and Bhargavi Mantha write a poem on the G20

We were to have twenty,
It was rather empty in committee…
It started with eight,
One came in late;
Now there were nine,
Which was pretty fine;
Japan started quoting rates,
Mother Russia thought of CBR’s fates!
China had a lot to say
But India preferred his own way.
Missing were Canada and Greece
And USA’s absence created peace.
Italy came for a day,
For the rest why stay away?
England’s Queen with everything agreed
While EU and France displayed much greed!
The Sheik’s presence seemed dry,
The Czar’s oil made him cry!
Then the day passed,
And it was EU’s last;
Now we work on the communique
Making G20 happy and gay!

-Bhargavi Mantha,Manisha Georgina