Hindu Nationalism

Today is the 5th of August 2020. It is the day when the Bhoomi Pujan of the Ram Mandir was held in the town of Ayodhya. The first stone of the temple was laid today. The temple construction will be complete three and a half years from now.

This temple is one of the most important goals of the Hindu nationalists. And also of Hindus in general.

Lord Ram is one of the most important Gods in Hinduism. He is the eight Avatar of Vishnu and is called as Maryada Purushottam, the elevated man. He has been an icon of Indians for millenia.

The temple was destroyed in 1528 by the Mughal emperor Babur who invaded India. He destroyed the temple and a mosque was built over it. There is a doubt over whether it was built by him during his reign or at a later date. Either way it was built over the ruins of the Ram temple. The mosque was called the Babri Masjid.

The Babri Masjid was torn down by Hindus in 1992. Specifically by workers of the RSS, BJP, VHP and other Hindu nationalist groups. I do believe that it was morally correct to bring down the Masjid, however I believe that it should have been done after the Supreme Court or any other Court gave an Order to do so. The destruction was not done in accordance with law and hence was illegal. Therefore I hope that the guilty will be punished. The fact that they haven’t after so many years is a blot on the criminal justice system of our country.

Communists, leftists, liberals and Islamists opposed its reconstruction for the last 30 years when the movement began. Communist historians claimed that Ram never existed, that there was no temple. They glorified the Mughals and demonised Hindu kings who fought back like Shivaji.

Hindus were demonised by Marxist historians for destroying the mosque in 1992 but Muslim destructions of temples were ignored or justified. Communists aim to destroy a countries history. They do this to demoralise and weaken the people. This is why many Hindus started hating Hinduism and became secular and even atheists.

However the majority of Hindus kept the faith. And the Supreme Court declared that the land belonged to Hindus and ordered the temple’s construction.

We have defeated the Marxists in our country. We know that they may strike back in the future and are still on guard. We Hindus and Indians at large have learnt our lesson. Never trust commies.

I believe that this is a great moment for the nation. This is the result of 500 years of labour by Hindus to get the temple rebuilt.

The vast majority of Indians of all faiths supports the construction of the temple. Even the political parties which opposed it in the past like the Indian National Congress, the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party support it. This shows that they know that the people support it.

The joy that reconstruction of the temple has brought to all Indians shows how important Hinduism is to India. It proves that India is, a Hindu nation.

This is because the majority community follows it and it has influenced the minority communities as well. Hinduism is where India’s cultural values, traditions, knowledge and religious practices come from. Three Indian religions, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism evolved from Sanatana Dharma, and three other foreign religions, Christianity, Islam and Zorastrianism which are practised in India have been influenced by it as well.

The central position that Hinduism holds in India proves that we are a Hindu nation.

And the rebuilding of the Ram Mandir is symbolic of India reviving its Hindu identity. This is the beginning of a new era for India, one in which it is not shy, fearful or apologetic about itself.

Nationalism is the love of a country’s culture and identity. It is not a mere love of the physical entity of the country, which is patriotism, but is far deeper than that.

Hindu Nationalism has been reinvigorated today. And since India is a Hindu nation this means Indian Nationalism is also reinvigorated today.

India is back!


I am the Global Nationalist. I support nationalism, not just for my country, India, but for all. I will write mainly about nationalism in India but also other countries. I am for independence, unity and loyalty. I am against imperialism, separatism and treason.

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