Learn about the Pep Ventosa Photography Technique

Take any camera and create fascinating multilayered 360 degree images

An ordinary tree in the Hagley Park, Christchurch
Final merged image, “Around the Tree” by Frithjof Moritzen

Pep Ventosa ‘In the round’ photography technique

The technique I am talking about was made popular by Pep Ventosa, a Catalan Photographer. His way of deconstructing and re-assembling images leads to an impressionist image style, emphasizing a common object by merging multiple images. He does it in several ways, one of them is ‘In the round’, and this is the method I tried to apply in my example.

Merging the source images in post-processing

  • Load the images into a stack
Load into stack, you should have auto-align not ticked, as you have to do that yourself
  • Now play around with
    * layer blend mode
    * layer opacity
    * layer order
    of each layer individually. The bottom layer should have 100% opacity, the top one might only have 5%.
layer blend modes and opacity
new version



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