Man Versus God: We Can Now Stop God from Smiting Us

Suppose an asteroid was on a collision course with earth. You wouldn’t be the first to imagine this. And, it has happened in the past numerous times. If it was a big enough impact, it would spell doom for the planet, a genocidal act of God (kind of like the flood).

One of these asteroid impacts happened about 65 million years ago in what is now known as the Yucatan Peninsula. That’s the big one that killed off the dinosaurs, you know.

But, there were others. This one happened in Russia in 1908:

The world’s problems are too severe to allow the status quo. Republicans and religions are going in the wrong direction. We need science and democratic ideals with morality to save our world. Forsake religion. Embrace science. Vote democrat or independent. Share earth peacefully.

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Tony Berard

Recently, I have been debunking religion, psychics, and pseudosciences. I want to improve people’s critical thinking and logic skills. Nothing is Supernatural.