Seeing the Packaging — We Are All Spirit In Human Form.

An esoteric exploration of “the package” we each present to the world.

To know what you are on the inside — your spirit — is to then see with clarity what you are on the outside — your human packaging. To come to see your embodiment as packaging is to see the state of eternal-consciousness that is packaging itself through infinite realities.

Today’s article is an esoteric dance of identity (meaning it is poetic, playful, and abstract) between what we are within human form and what we are as eternal-spirit that uses my own gnostic experience as its starting point but then opens up to show how this is a dance we are all engaged in. Through this article I invite you to see and reflect on your own “packaging”.

With love, Story

I do not write from “somewhere else”. What I write does not come from any defined source or entity; it comes from the level of “source” consciousness which encompasses all definition (because it is that which creates all definition). This is the state of consciousness that is pre-definition and is the source of all that we call creation — where all life flows from.

I write from the same place we all breathe from — the one flow of consciousness that creates all life.

I am referring here to the realization that everything we call creation emerges from a single, unified source of consciousness. That which is speaking from within me, speaks within you. The energy from which my words emerge is the energy from which your life is emerging.

The voice within me is not only the voice of every “channeler” and every “spiritual teacher”, but it is the origin of every word that has ever been spoken.

The more traditional view of channeling tends to see the process as a particular human on Earth connecting to a particular non-physical entity through a form of energetic bridge. This view is enforced by most channelers because of how they present a definition of “who” or “what” they are channeling — because that is the main question people ask — even though at the deepest level everything flows from the unified state of consciousness (which is pre-definition because it birthed definition).

This is not a criticism of the way in which channelers present “where” their teaching comes from, as it makes sense that we have projected the way in which we communicate as separate individuals onto the channeling process. The definitions that channelers give can be very helpful as there are many layers / dimensions of consciousness. Across my career, I have moved between more and less defined explanations. In this article I am just pointing to the unified state of source consciousness from which ALL LIFE flows — including all that is presented as channeling.

I have evolved and deepened my experience of gnosis (channeling) over many years and have spoken from many different layers of consciousness with varying angles of perception. The more I have traveled through this territory of consciousness, the more I see the presentation of ANY particular face through the channeling process as being the packaging”.

By calling it “the packaging” I am not denigrating it because, in terms of connecting with an audience, I have found this packaging to be equally important as the message itself. This surprising realization is simply a reflection on “how we are” within human form, and how we collectively focus our energy. It is a response to “what is” and in no way indicates there is a problem.

For something to be successful, both the packaging and content must resonate and be accessible.
Although we may like to believe differently — which is a reflection of the spiritual arrogance that clouds the path to enlightenment — spirituality is no different from the entertainment industry in how spiritual teachers attract, grow, and maintain an audience.

There is something about the spiritual path that tends to make us want to deny the importance of how it is being packaged, but the bottom line is that… it is through the form of packaging that people either find themselves open to a message or closed off from it. Therefore, the idea of “the packaging” is not something to dismiss — it is an art form.

It is “the chosen face of the advocate for the message” and, as such, cannot be separated from the message itself. The packaging and the message are as one — no matter how much that “packaging” may tell you it is separate from the message. This is usually experienced through a notion that the message is somehow a “purer” energy than the packaging — even though this is a denial that they both have the same origin.

This is seen in channelers who seek to separate their “lesser human self” from the “high level consciousness” they are channeling. Although this is presented as a form of humility, it is coming from a fear-based place inside of the channeler (usually the fear that an audience would think it arrogant to talk about or express the equality of all forms of consciousness, as this is to compare the channeler to what they are channeling).

My Personal Packaging. 
As I wrote that last paragraph, I have never seen the nature of packaging so clearly. In this, I am realizing that this article is really about a change of relationship I am experiencing with my own packaging, and in it, I feel a level of dilemma I am processing. This is because over the years I have become less interested in conveying what I already know, and am most excited by the vulnerability I feel when I speak in an unrestricted stream of consciousness from the point of revelation / gnosis within me.

I have tried putting packaging on (to give people as clear and solid explanation as possible). I have also tried taking the packaging off (to reveal the shared origin of all life).

Through my journey there have been times when I have judged having any packaging at all, and there have been times when I opened myself to embrace my packaging as a bridge to help make my work more accessible. In this, I feel excited by the naked vulnerability of not having any packaging, and am happy to connect what I experience within me with others— thereby externalizing my internal experience. But then I am often disheartened when people say they can’t accept my work because I do not define the source of my knowledge in a more tangible, defined, and acceptable way.

What I am seeing is that, when I started this article, I was speaking from my desire to convey where my writing flows from. In this, I was saying, “I wish to create a bridge to aid you in understanding the nature of what I am and what it is that I am doing. I wish once again to try to describe the indescribable. I wish to be clearer than I have ever been in showing my complete self — packing and all — through sharing my process.”

I see that this article started with my desire to make my packaging more transparent, which is the desire to destroy it — which is to judge it instead of accepting it.

Sometimes this feels like I am pushing against the way I see so many people seek to mystify and elevate the gnostic experience because they want to put it on a pedestal. Although getting this kind of praise can be addictive, I personally do not wish to live within any façade — even if that façade makes me more accessible, acceptable, or approachable. I want to connect the inner with the outer — the human with the divine — and the façade of packaging is the illusion that stands between these two experiences of reality.

In human form, our façades stand between us. But it is important to understand this is not a mistake — it is what creates the human experience.

We are each the messenger of our self — this is the clearest message that any teacher can express in order to point others to the realization of our shared origin. I am feeling the way in which, as a human, I have sought to have no packaging in how I present myself. But now — in this moment — I recognize that to seek to have no packaging is still to choose a form a packaging.

I am packaging that is speaking to you of the desire to have no packaging.

Through conveying the ability to perceive packaging, I offer the gift of seeing that which lives inside all packaging — for when you can perceptually separate the packaging from the packaged, you will see the state of unified eternal-consciousness that exists within all that has ever been packaged.

This is to perceive how one consciousness is operating within all forms of life.

When I am writing or speaking from my spirit, something comes over me and I enter what would generally be perceived of as an “altered state”. But in many ways, I would prefer to call it the natural state of consciousness that we all birth from and return to at death.

In this state, it is my everyday life that feels like a dream.

Within this, I experience my presence as being a collective — meaning I experience my spirit as being made of many life experiences. The most incredible thing is that this all feels like the natural state of things, and it is seeing just one life as belonging to you that seems strange.

When I write from this wider state of knowing, an energy comes up from within me, engulfs me, and I can feel separated from the world in the way one feels divided from their surroundings when they go underwater. Simultaneously, I can feel amazingly present with the energy flowing through me as if it is penetrating the human experience and manifesting into communicable form.

This is the natural process of energy being expressed into form, which is the nature of ALL life on Earth. This is to say that I feel the nature of the illusion without directly seeing through it. It is as if I stand within it — within the conception point that is the veil of forgetting — the process of entering unconsciousness that creates the illusion.

I experience myself as the radio waves rather than the broadcaster or the receiver.

This experience of gnosis acts as a counterpoint between my everyday life and experience of self. They are like two flavors I can mix to whatever degree I like. It is interesting how my incarnate self often feels quite separate from the world because of how paradoxical this feels to the unity I experience when I write.

This reflects the paradox of how seeing through the illusion of separation has made my experience of reality so different from those around me.
To see how we are all the same underneath our packaging makes you different from everyone else who believes we are all different.

The synergy I experience between the two states is now at an all-time high. The more I have allowed myself to experience myself as being different to what this world is, the more my experience makes sense. The more I have allowed my experience of being different, the more I have been able to house and express that which makes me different in this world.

What I am pointing at here is that I have always innately known WE ARE ALL ONE. Therefore my journey has never been about seeing our unity; it has been about accepting — that while embodied — I am different.

The spiritual path isn’t just about connecting with the unity of spirit — it is also about embracing the uniqueness of your individuality (your packaging)

Our mortal, human experience is where eternal-consciousness comes to experience difference. We are all one — ultimately — but in this moment, see the beauty of how you are different.

See the unity — but also feel your difference.
Feel the shared unity — but also see our differences.

To see all separation as an illusion is to see no separation between any message and its packaging. In just the same way, there is no separation between your mortal self and your spirit. You will know you have understood this when you resolve this paradoxical state of affairs through this realization…

The best way for us all to see our shared origin is to all fearlessly express the mortal packaging we have found ourselves within.

We must all fearlessly speak of our difference to experience our unity.

I hope you have enjoyed this rather esoteric exploration of the eternal dance of identity within which we are all playing. Do not try to eradicate your packaging, it is the gift of your form. When you express your packaging fearlessly, you discover how it is the will of your spirit — and that is to meet your spirit in a deeper way than ever before.

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