The Feeling Of Truth Points At Your Personal Healing.

An exploration of the inner feeling of resonance that we all possess.

A significant part of the spiritual path is about realizing that the way we can experience hard facts about the physical world — which could be called “The Truth” or absolute truth — does not work in the same way when it comes to our inner experience of truth. Here it is discovered that your spiritual journey is uniquely personal, and though you may use the religious and spiritual teachings this world offers, ultimately we are each creating our own spiritual experience of truth.

This arises when you realize that no single religion or spiritual teacher can tell you “The Whole Truth”; they can only ever tell you their version of it — which is based on the vantage point offered by their embodiment. Because each of our paths is unique, this means that there is no set of teachings that can give you everything you are looking for. No matter how much you resonant with a defined path, you must in some way evolve and personalize it for yourself.

This is actually something you are probably doing already. The kind of religious zealot that blindly follows teachings — no matter how they personally feel about them — is rarer than we may imagine. The reason for this is that we all have an inner feeling of truth.

This feeling of resonance is felt when an idea excites us — when something we hear “rings true” and we feel drawn to believe it. At first, this inner feeling of truth can seem to be a confirmation of the existence of absolute truth. But if absolute truth only applies to physical things, then what is this feeling?

It is the knowing that arises from the place within you that knows your spiritual intention for this life. This is felt as your personal knowing — the knowing within your heart through which you feel guidance. This is felt as your very ‘beingness’ resonating with what you are experiencing. It is the experience of resonance.

The discovery of something that resonates as being true for you personally is a beautiful experience. To be in the flow of life in this way is to continually draw resonant experiences to yourself. To follow your joy — to follow your excitement — is to follow the resonance of your heart. Your heart always leads you towards what it resonates with because resonance is an expression of love.

Your heart is continually leading you towards the realization of love — the realization of your wholeness.

If spiritual truth is not absolute, then what is it? Spiritual truth is a statement of love in the present moment. To say an experience resonates is to say there is something about it you love. It is to say there is something in the love that you are which is in accord with the experience.

To experience resonance is to feel an aspect of yourself with clarity. It is to unfold more of the realization of the love you are into your conscious awareness. Resonance is the experience of your own blossoming. If you wish to call anything truth, then call yourself truth. You are truth. You are love.

Truth is that which reveals to you the love that you are.

Resonance is the feeling of your consciousness unfolding ever further into love and freedom. To resonate with an idea is to step out of a cage of definition and enter a more expansive reality. It is to heal a wound, free a limitation, see through a denial, and embrace what has been rejected.

The experience of truth is the experience of your own healing through your allowance of feeling. This is a validation of the love in your heart — that which you are.

To feel resonance is to feel your freedom birthing through the allowance of your being. This feeling of healing is the feeling of awakening. A wall has come down. Your foot has lifted off the brake. A struggle has been released. A pain let go of.

It feels as if everything has become more vivid, and yet, seems the same. You have stepped further into the realization of All That You Are.

The motion that emerges from the flow of our hearts — our personal flow of feeling — is to lead us towards our own healing. It is the ideas present in this state of unrestricted feeling — and therefore our own personal healing — that we often fall into calling “The Truth”.

Just as we came to believe in the world as being objective, external, and absolute — just as we came to personify God — we likewise applied objectification onto the feeling of resonance. In this, we turned our freedom of belief into the idea of absolute truth. Through our competition with each other, we came to say that our feeling of resonance was more powerful than anyone else’s — “My truth is the Truth!”

“Truth” then became a currency of worth, and by objectifying it we became attached to the idea of absolute truth. We came to worship this idea of possessing “the truth”, in much the same way we worship money. In doing so, we denied our inner power of beingness and externalized our worth into something to be served as a master — we separated from our own sovereignty and mastery of self.

When truth is seen to be the experience of our own healing, then it is clear why it is such a beautiful feeling.

It also becomes clear how it is an ever changing feeling — rather than absolute. The resonance we experience when we heal a wound changes when we move to heal different aspects of our being. This is felt as your personal experience of truth changing.

What personally excites us changes over time.

We all become drawn to different types of experience across our lives. However, this natural flow of change is impeded by a belief in absolute truth. If you come to identify the experience of your healing (the feeling of resonance) as the discovery of an absolute truth, then you come to carry that belief forward as a static part of your story. This is to become attached to a truth rather than experiencing its freedom and letting it go.

Many come to form groups based around truths to which they are attached. This shared identity can bring about its own form of healing, but at the same time it compounds the rigidity of the truths shared within the group.

In our past, to enter such a group for an entire life was common. However, at the current rate of awakening within which the perception of truth is changing faster than ever, these groups can become more of a hindrance than an aid. Only groups that embrace the changing of their own truth are likely to remain through this period of acceleration.

That which is static can only last a short while in the birthing fluidity of our reality.

The idea of absolute truth is the objectification of our own healing. To believe you have discovered an absolute truth is to believe you have come to an end truth. There is no ending in the infinite. There is no ending to the beauty of the unfolding. There is no need for a final destination when the journey is love.

To let go of absolute truth is to free yourself to come to new discoveries of resonance — further unification with your spirit. Initially, this can be difficult if you have identified your worth with how knowledgeable you are of “The Truth”. In the release of absolute truth, the feeling of resonance is not diminished; it is freed.

You are not a truth seeker on a quest to reveal the nature of reality. You are here to create the nature of your reality through the realization of your personal truth — the love you are.

To seek truth is to seek your own healing. It is to seek the realization of the limitless freedom of your being. The motion of the unfolding unceasingly carries you towards this realization of wholeness — the reintegration of all you have become separate from within the illusion of your story.

The truth that you seek is you.
The God that you seek to know is you.

All that resonates does so because it contains an aspect of the realization of the freedom that you are. All that you are drawn towards is you. Within the illusion we have become fragmented, and all those pieces are constantly calling to each other to unify — become whole again. This calling is the motion of the great unfolding — the flow of life — the blossoming of All That We Are.

The unfolding is you calling to yourself to be All That You Are — to be free; to be love; to be limitless. The unfolding of our eternal-consciousness is not some mysterious force or divine plan. It is the calling of your spirit to you. It calls for you to be unified.

Your spirit is the experience of being whole — of being unified with All That Is. This idea of fragmentation does not mean you are broken. The fragmentation is the definition of the story you chose to experience in this lifetime.

In coming here, we each dived into a definition. We are not called to return to our unified state of consciousness — our spirit — because we are in any form of trouble. The call of resonance — the call of your heart — is simply the call of love.

This inner calling is not telling us we must return. It is not telling us we must come back to unity. It is not telling us anything except that we are love. We feel so drawn to it because in its tones — the feelings it births in our heart — is our realization of love. And that “spiritual” state, when felt within embodiment, is the feeling of bliss, of Nirvana, of Heaven on Earth.

“Follow Your Bliss” — Joseph Campbell.

All that draws you forward, no matter what face it presents, is your love. All that you call spiritual, all that you call divine, is the love that you are — your personal bliss — calling to you. That love is the unfolding — the flow of your life. That love is your reality. That love is your experience. That love creates everything.

All you see, that you cannot believe was created with love, reflects a way in which you are caught in the illusion that you are not love. Allow yourself to see the love that you are, and you will see all reality is made with love.

This is an adapted text from my book “You Are God. Get Over It!”

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