Two (and a bit) Impossible Coincidences About My Name

You’ll probably conclude I have to be lying.

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In today’s article I talk about the origin of my name — Story Waters — and two straight-up unbelievable coincidences around it. Enjoy!

I recently watched an interesting documentary called ‘Three Identical Strangers’ which tells the story of triplets who were separated at birth and discovered each other in their teens. It recounts the mind-blowing moment when the first two met without even having seen a photo of each other.

Even though this wasn’t technically a coincidence, it had the quality of someone experiencing something that just seems flat-out unbelievable and it made me remember two (and a bit) unbelievable coincidences I experienced with my name.

In fact, these coincidences are so unbelievable, that despite how I write about the allowance of the unknown and the unexpected, I have told relatively few people about them from a fear that all — but the most open-minded people — would conclude I must be lying.

A part of releasing my writing on medium (where it is exposed to a wider audience than previously) is that I want to face my fears of the world’s reaction. While watching the documentary it felt like it was time to openly share these two unbelievable coincidences and experience whatever reaction they evoke.

I don’t know yet if there is a spiritual teaching here; maybe just a demonstration in not allowing the fear of not being believed to silence you.

I want to start by stating that neither of these coincidences are provable and I have zero interest in entering any dynamic of “claiming” anything. I am just telling you what happened and you can believe it or not. To do this, I have had to reach a point of not being attached to what the reaction will be, and that comes from a place of knowing myself and my heart.

Where my name came from.

I chose my name when I was 23. My chosen name is Story Waters. My birth name is Ben Lower. I changed my name because I went through a dramatic shift in self at 17. When I went to university at 18, I reinvented myself from the bullied victim I was known for being at school.

I did this because I no longer felt like my former self and it felt like my name no longer fitted me. Renaming myself was a powerful part of solidifying how I had changed. Ben felt defeated by bullies and unloved by his parents. Story stood up for himself and decided that those who did not love him were just afraid.

TIP: Don’t refer to someone’s birth name as their real name. This is like asking a transgender person what their “real” gender is. My real name is Story. My birth name is Ben.

While studying for my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (which I did not complete, as the next thing I did after changing my name was leave university) I was working a part-time job doing market research. I remember sitting at my desk writing possibilities for a new name until I wrote down Story.

I instantly loved it as I was exploring the idea we are each the architect of our lives and, as I wanted to be a writer, this translated as we are each a story that we are writing. This idea that we are each a story made it feel exciting to call myself Story — it does what it says on the tin!

My last name — Waters — I came up with by simply trying many nature/hippy sounding words to go with Story. I think Waters ultimately won out because it “sounded right” due to its closeness to the stormy waters (so it rolls of the tongue).

So that is how I came up with my name. Nothing dramatic. It didn’t feel intuitive or led by my inner guidance. It was a practical exercise in writing down names until one “looked” right.

I have written this article using my best memory of what I discovered when I researched these coincidences many years ago. Some dates may be slightly off but not in a way that alters the meaning. It should also be noted that I changed my name with my friends two years before I legally changed it.

Coincidence One — My Name Is A Song

I’ll start with the bigger coincidence because I like to throw people in the deep end.

I don’t mean this literally. As a young child one of my parents friends threw me in the deep end of his swimming pool to show my parents I would swim. I promptly sank to the bottom and sat there to prove a point. He had to jump in fully clothed to get me out. Don’t mess with a stubborn child!

When I was thirty four, eleven years after I renamed myself (back when I still dared to Google my name), I saw a music album called “Storywaters” (one word) by an aboriginal group called Tjapukai who are from the Djabugay people. I thought it was curious, but nothing prepared me for when I started playing the track “Storywaters Trilogy” in which my name is spoken repeatedly (you can listen to it on most music services and YouTube).

This is a 15 minute track and after several minutes of hearing my name, the lyrics began:

“I am Djabugay. Listen to the Djabugay language. Listen to the Storywaters. My name means messenger… the one with the word. Listen!

“All over the world people have asked the question. How does life begin? We, the Bama, the indigenous people of Australia have our own traditions. Each of our many tribes has its own creation stories. They are associated with sacred places in our lands. Story places…Storywaters.

“We have no need to write our stories down. The land is our bible. Its sacred places tell of our ancestral past, our stories, our dreaming, and the law to be followed to make sure our world is properly looked after. For we belong to the land and are its guardians. Our storytime is eternally present in the land and in the waters.”

Now to tell this story honestly I should also say I was stoned at the time — so this seriously tripped me out!

From what I can tell these words were written in 1996 by a someone called Michael Quinn based upon many oral interviews with Djabugay elders. These songs were performed at an aboriginal cultural center in Australia before their release as an album in 2005.

Now obviously, the term Storywaters goes back well before I chose my name, but you have to remember that when I chose my name in 1995, the internet had only just begun (Google didn’t exist until 1997). Short of visiting this cultural central in Australia, I can see no possible way I could have previously come across this term when I chose my name. To this day I have never met a single person that has told me about this connection upon hearing my name. This is not common knowledge.

That said, what most blew me away wasn’t the name but the fact it meant “messenger — the one with the word.” This is because I have always felt the clearest word to describe my inner experience of self was as a messenger. This is simply the result of how I experience myself as possessing intuitive access to a huge library of spiritual knowledge that I have spent my life articulating.

Coincidence Two — My biggest hero coined the name Story.

A lady called Jane Roberts was not only my teacher (through her books), but my biggest hero. She wrote many spiritual-philosophy books in partnership with a consciousness called Seth. She also wrote several lesser-known fiction books, including a series called ‘The Oversoul Seven Trilogy.”

I did not discover Jane Roberts until after I left university (a year after choosing my new name) and even then, it was several years until I discovered that one character in her book, a female angel, was called Story.

This is the first recording I have ever found of any person, fictional or real, to be called Story and it was by the person I not only most admire, but feel most connected to in terms of my inner experience of reality.

And, as if that weren’t enough, in this book there is also a character named Roger who leaves his corporate job to become a pastel portrait artist. It just so happens that my husband’s name is Roger and he left his corporate job to become a visionary artist…the main medium being pastels and the main subject matter being portraits.

It is just unbelievable!

So there you have it!

  • I freely chose a name that was regarded in Aboriginal history as being a messenger of creation (one of my favorite topics to speak about).
  • My chosen name (unbeknownst to me) had previously been coined by my biggest hero in a book she wrote.
  • In the same book, there is a character with a name and profession that exactly matches that of a man who would become my husband more than 30 years later.

I am not suggesting that this has any meaning about me as a person except to say that I am open to my inner “magical” senses. And this, even though I was only choosing a name that “looked right,” is what led to there being two (and a bit) impossible coincidences surrounding one of the most significant choices I have ever made.

So I’m not saying, “Aren’t I special.” I am saying…

MAGIC IS REAL because our inner senses are real.

As I said in the opening, I don’t really know what anyone who reads this will make of it, but I guess I am open to finding out. In the current climate of “fake news” it is a fascinating and curious dilemma to fear sharing something true out of the fear that it could cause others to believe you are false.

For myself, what has become most important is that I am not silent from a fear of persecution. It is time for me to not live in fear of the accusations of those who simply cannot comprehend my experience of reality.

Our inner “magical” senses are real and if you use them, then you too will experience this kind of magical coincidence and synchronicity in your life.

May you have your own unbelievable experience such that, even if no one else believes you … you know magic is alive in this world if you will open your mind to it.

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