Let’s Honour the Darkest Time With the Light of Creativity

We’re in for one of the darkest Winter in our remembered history. But we don’t need to face it alone.

Oct 31, 2020 · 3 min read

Happy Halloween!

So, we come now to a time of darkness, but here the seeds are planted for a new beginning. Never like this year, this is a thought of hope.

The number of Covid-19 cases is running here in Italy. This morning on the news they were talking about lockdown — which had been sort of a dirty word up to last week.
I never deluded myself that a second wave was not coming, but now that it’s here, it is scarier than I thought.

On Thursday, I was off late from work, and I had to take the bus. I normally walk to the train station, because it is still day when I’m off, but on Thursday, it was dark, and I didn’t trust to walk, since the way to the station isn’t safe in the dark for a lone woman.

I didn’t like it at all.

The bus was jam. There was no possibility of safe distancing. People just kept getting on — whole groups of boys and girls.
I didn’t feel safe at all.
So yesterday I asked my boss to organise work in a way that will allow me to be off when it’s still day, and I can walk to the station.

It’s these little everyday things that truly give the measure of what Covid-19 is doing to us. It’s affecting our lives in a way that we don’t realise until we need to take action. But I don’t feel like looking for guilty ones, as I’ve seen some people doing. Sometimes I think we want to find a culprit because we can’t handle the fact that — advanced as we like to fancy ourselves to be — Nature can still checkmate us.

It is upsetting, but it’s also humbling.

I hope we’ll be smart enough to learn something from this.

As our ancestors did, we should show respect for the darkest time of the year, so that the spring will be bright.

I’m going to do this by planning creative stuff over the next few months.

Tomorrow, NaNoWriMo takes off.

I can’t say I’m ever ready for it when it comes, but this year is truer than ever.
My head isn’t in the right place at all. Which is why, more than ever, I need to take the plunge. I need to think about something that doesn’t exist yet, and I can create. I need to exert my creative muscles, have them working harder than ever.

I’ll be working on a dark story too, but dark stories are truly about light, most of the times, aren’t they? That’s why we like to read them.
They show us that the darkest journey may take us to a bight place, where we will be better people because of the journey in the dark.

Most of my stories are about some kind of rebirth, and The Frozen Maze isn’t different. I started to plan it some three years ago, but I kind of feel I should finish it this Winter. Maybe because I want to show something to myself?


I wouldn’t mind overcoming that demon.

What about you?

What is the project you’re working on through this dark Winter?

Let’s share it, let’s talk about it, let other people give us ideas and opinion, to enrich what we are creating.

Community and caring for others has never been more important than now.

It is a dark time, but we may learn so much from it.

Sarah Zama wrote her first story when she was nine. Fourteen years ago, when she started her job in a bookshop, she discovered books that address the structure of a story and she became addicted to them. Today, she’s a dieselpunk author who writes fantasy stories historically set in the 1920s. Her life-long interest in Tolkien has turned quite nerdy recently.
She writes about all her passions on her blog

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The Cogs and Gears Storyteller

Storytelling as an experience for writers and readers. How stories work their way into our lives

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