Ark Community Digest Ep. 1 — Jolan “Highjhacker”

Today marks the start of our brand new segment section “Ark Community Digest” where each Sunday we will be talking to an Ark community member and getting to know a little bit about them and what made them join the Ark community! Today we will be talking to our very own Jolan from the Golden Horde who you may know as “Highjhacker” in the Ark Slack. We’ve asked a series of questions to which Jolan has given some answers.

Jolan “Highjhacker”

What Made You Join The Ark Community?

It was one of my first choices, and it was mostly random as the space was still flourishing when I first found Ark. What’s more important is the factors that have made me stick with Ark. The first thing that made me a fan of Ark is the community, what we have here reminds me the old days on IRC or even World of Warcraft. You can see that we have a very close knit, genuine group of people that really work well with each other for the most part. The second reason is the technology and the DPOS aspect, I really think DPOS is an amazing consensus mechanism which has a lot of room to do serious good. Last but not least, is the team as their ambition and the work they carry out makes me feel very confident on the future and what will be achieved in the Ark Ecosystem. I’ve mentioned a few times in the Slack that Ark is a crypto easy to hold, providing you think about the future as you know it’s going to be around for a long time.

What Got You Into Cryptocurrencies In The First Place?

100% Due To The Tech. More seriously, the technology behind cryptocurrencies is promising and I just can’t picture a world not using Blockchain and everything it can bring with it to the table. In August 2017, I decided I wasted enough time by not going totally into this field, so I started my journey with some GPUs to learn how to mine and it progressed from there to where I find myself today.

What’s Your Background & What Are Your Hobbies?

My background isn’t the regular one in the CS field, I never did university, I mostly learned everything by myself, what you may call a “self taught developer”, at 15 years old I picked up a programming book on the C language, and started from there, something clicked in my head at this moment. I love the fact that you are able to create from scratch, line by line. As for my hobbies, well of course, computers in general, programming, gaming. I also love 3D printing, and I think that last point will lead to some nice things with The Golden Horde.

What’s your Ambition For The Future & Any Projects You Are Working On For Ark?

Pushing The Golden Horde as far as we can. That’s it. I want it to be a massive success, I want us to provide the best we can for the community we serve. Won’t go into too much details about some projects we are working on before releasing, but what I can say is that a new service will be released soon and it’s probably going to be used by most of us one way or the other. Developers and end user will find their happiness with it— I think — it should be really cool. I’m super excited about it and I really hope most of you will like it!

If You Could Think Of One Thing You’d Like To See For Ark, What Would It Be?

More recognition and adoption I would say, but these things will come in time, it’s just that I’m impatient to see Ark succeed because I fully believe in the vision that the Ark team aims to provide and to me it is about when, not if.

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