Ark Community Digest Ep. 4— Djenny Floro

Colby Mort
Sep 3, 2018 · 4 min read

Today we have the fourth article in our “Ark Community Digest” segment where each Sunday/Monday we will be talking to an Ark community member and getting to know a little bit about them and what made them join the Ark community! Today we will be talking to Djenny Floro, creator of Ark Tribe. We’ve asked a series of questions to which she has given some answers!

What Made You Join The Ark Community?

For ten years, I have been plotting and building the principles behind what is now Ark Tribe Project. The blockchain’s apparition was the key for me to do what I needed. I was looking for a C# friendly blockchain and found out about Ark. It seemed to fit my needs so I installed myself there. I found the community to be formidable, so I stayed.

What Got You Into Cryptocurrencies In The First Place?

I have always been fascinated with the blockchain and still am here for the blockchain. It’s only after a little while that I really began to take an interest in cryptocurrencies. It’s kind of a legal and social curiosity, and I find it very interesting to see that people can form such tight communities when it’s about money. It usually make people more selfish, but in some communities, we see that it’s not like that.

What’s Your Background & What Are Your Hobbies?

I have done lots of translations, and managed projects for games under NDA that are still valid to date. I was also part of a professional “Game Lab.” As for my hobbies, I don’t have many since I’ve founded Ark Tribe. But working on Ark Tribe provides joy and fulfilment that no hobby could give me.

Our team spans across several time zones, so I typically sleep from 1 am to 7 am, wake up to help the kids go to school, work for Ark Tribe from 8am to 6pm, help with the meal & play with my kids until 8pm, and then work some more for Ark Tribe, so I don’t really have a hobby.

For the past 10 years, I have been dedicating myself to writing books which I could sell in the Digital libraries, meeting with Artists to conclude alliances, and tending to my family. My hobby was writing way before the Digital Libraries was a project, I’ve been writing stories since I was 7.

What’s your Ambition For The Future

I think that the Digital Libraries are already a big enough ambition as rough estimates are 100K users yearly with exponential growth each year. So for myself, I’ve set more of a quality ambition than a big ambition, it’s to come back to more regular working hours.

If You Could Think Of One Thing You’d Like To See For Ark, What Would It Be?

That people stop speaking about Smart Contract and realise that Ark’s plugging system allows for Smart Bots which are far more superior to Smart Contract. It didn’t take much effort to convince all of my partners to stop speaking about Smart Contracts, and their non-evolutive ways, compared to Ark’s Smart Bots which are evolutive and allow for bug corrections. No program bigger than a +/- calculator is 100% bug-free, Smart Bots allows for correcting those bugs that appears after deployment.

Who Is The Person You Look Up To The Most?

That’s definitely difficult. I try my best at showing respect more than awe to people. Looking up to someone, you forget to look at all the opportunities you have for yourself. I am neither envious, nor jealous per se. Rather than to look up at someone, I’d rather push myself to achieve more so I can show respect, and get respect back from this person.

Who Is Your Favourite Ark Community Member & Why?

I have friends in the community, people I like to talk to and whom I am in very good terms with. I’d say everyone is my favourite, I can’t single anyone out as everyone is great.

Where Do You See The Price Of Ark This Time Next Year?

Let me see… where’s my crystal ball again? Here it is… so taking Fixscrypt’s age, and the wind force average in this period… let’s add the very import length of Mike’s avatar beard, its growth rate, the color of Justin’s goggles next year… The result is: “A certain price.”

You Can Have Your Dream Company Implement Ark’s Tech, Who Would It Be?

Ark Tribe! What a question. I dream of Ark Tribe when it will be a company during the night, and I work on making it come true during the day. That said, Microsoft wouldn’t be a bad addition, nor would be Amazon. For safety measure, let’s say the GAFA.

What Movie Quote Do You Think Could Be Used To Describe Crypto?

Anything that’s not quoted from Titanic, for obvious reasons.

Let’s thank Djenny for letting us get to know her in this article! She provided some great answers and we’re grateful for her agreeing to be in this episode. As always remember to stay tuned each Sunday/Monday for the latest episodes! Remember also to stay up to date with The Golden Horde on our Twitter!

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