Ark Community Digest Ep. 8 — Cameron ‘Cam’

Colby Mort
The Golden Horde Blog
7 min readOct 1, 2018

Episode 8! Every week seems to fly past but the good thing about that is we get to hear more about people in the community and what they have to say! This week we have Cameron aka Cam who we think is truly the resident ‘hype man’ in the Ark community. He always provides positive vibes to the Ark community so it’s awesome we get to know more about him!

Here’sss Cam

What Made You Join The Ark Community?

A shill. When I first got into crypto I was browsing the r/CryptoCurrency Reddit… just lurking around, reading, learning as much as I could… and someone was yammering on about Ark. So I started reading up on it and the rest is history. I fell in love with the dream, the vision and the ambition of Ark. Then when I got into the community I started loving them, too. I’d consider most folks in the slack a friend. At this point it’s a little virtual family to me. We argue, we cheer each other on, we tell each other when they don’t sound too smart, support one another in various endeavors, and we all want the best for Ark.

What Got You Into Cryptocurrencies In The First Place?

I was at a grad party and a buddy of mine, who I hold in high regard, started talking to me about Bitcoin and the likes. He showed me his Blockfolio and started discussing the tech with me. I was initially intrigued by the $$, naturally. When I got home I immediately started researching and digging to absorb as much as I could. I recall bouncing Ark off of him and all he said was, “Be careful with those altcoins man… I only mess with the big ones, personally.” Of course the potential gains of money was a huge enticer… but as I started grasping the bigger picture of the tech and the endless possibilities, the gravity of the potential realities is what really excited me. This market is nutty, but it is really exciting too.

What’s Your Background & What Are Your Hobbies?

I am a Systems Analyst for a mainframe application in the USG… that basically means I am the bridge between the business rules and the technology side of the house. I interpret the needs of the agency and relay it to developers (technical & functional requirements etc) and conduct testing and what not… that’s about all I am willing to say about that. :P

I am also a Crew Chief in the US Air Force Reserves, a Crew Chief is basically an aircraft mechanic… when Ark moons I’ll fix your private jets for payment in Ark ;). My hobbies include, but are not limited to reading (not books, mostly random articles about space exploration, blockchain, and Conor McGregor — haha!), movies, running, CrossFit (just got back into it!), gaming (DotA 2, ESO… couple FPSs occasionally, that’s about it, not as big on gaming as I used to be), watching stand up comedy, and ANYTHING Ark…. That’s about it. Oh yeah, and hanging with my dog (yes, the dog in all my profile pictures is my dog!).

What’s your Ambition For The Future?

I’m just a guy being a dude. I take it one day at a time. However, I am trying to learn to code in my very limited spare time (been using, if anyone has suggestions for learning let me know!). I look up to developers because I think it’s super interesting and it takes a particular type of astute skill to be good at it… I was never good at coding in college (University for my non-US friends), but I decided to tackle that shortfall because I’d love to build something with Ark one day. I have started with Python :). I am also brushing up on SQL.

If You Could Think Of One Thing You’d Like To See For Ark, What Would It Be?

Ark is already doing what I think it should be doing. I just can’t wait for PCB and VM. I think that’ll be a game changing time in Ark’s journey. Beyond that, I am just excited to see an endless web of bridge-chains pop up with Ark Main-chain as the heart, and the ecosystem vision come to fruition. I have the utmost faith in the Ark team making that a reality. Keep up the good work!!

Who Is The Person You Look Up To The Most?

William Wallace? I don’t know. There’s a lot of people I think are interesting, but I think the term “look up to” is strong, haha!If I had to pick somebody, I’d say Jon Taffer is pretty cool. He is mostly known as the star from “Bar Rescue”. But, I like him because he’s objective, fair, has heart when needed, is data driven, started from the bottom, a no bullshit kinda guy, and is the founder of a quote I like to live by, “I don’t embrace excuses, I embrace solutions.”

Who Is Your Favourite Ark Community Member & Why?

This is a tough one. Everyone is so cool in their own way… but when I think of my early Ark days I think of one member in particular… I don’t know if it counts…because I am not sure if he still lurks, but I guess I’d go with rootbark. No troll. I have fond memories of him. When I 1st got into the Ark Community he was always in the slack discussing the latest with people. He also spent countless hours discussing stuff with me, privately, explaining so much that I didn’t quite understand (being brand new to the scene and having endless questions). He was very patient and able to explain a lot of the tech to me. As far as some investments go, I don’t think I can 100% agree with him, but regarding other stuff, like tech, he was cool. I also found it funny when he would get philosophical and argue with people for hours on end in the slack. He left a long time ago and he’s still reminisced and talked about occasionally in slack… that’s how you know you’ve left your mark.

Where Do You See The Price Of Ark This Time Next Year?

I once believed that if more on/off ramps were created for altcoins, like Ark in this instance, that Ark would become decoupled from Bitcoin price fluctuations. And that theory could eventually prove true, but I can only base my prediction on current facts. The fact is, Bitcoin impacts alt prices. In 1 year Bitcoin will be approximately 6 months away from the halvening. It is speculated this will drive price of Bitcoin up and subsequently the price of alts. I am going to go with… $12.76

You Can Have Your Dream Company Implement Ark’s Tech, Who Would It Be?

I might catch flak for this… but I wouldn’t pick a company. I’d pick a government. I know, that’s not really answering the question. But, I don’t personally look up to any company as the golden standard of morality, nor a role model for the betterment of society and people. Governments aren’t much better in most places, but, at the end of the day, adoption of Ark from any government entity would impact Ark greater than any company. If a government were to use Ark it’d be a true testament to the legitimacy and capability of the Ark Blockchain and Ecosystem… at that point plenty of companies would follow suit. Not to mention… governments have the deepest pockets ;)

What Movie Quote Do You Think Could Be Used To Describe Crypto?

“I know you said dream sequences are for fags but I think it could work, y’know we all gotta dream, don’t we?” –Hans, “Seven Psychopaths”… hope that doesn’t offend anyone but it seemed appropriate. If you haven’t seen that movie.. GO WATCH IT NOW.


Thanks to Cam for taking the time to talk to us, you heard it here first guys, any private jet fixing then Cam is your man! (I’m sure he could also fix lambos on request too…). You can also check out Cam’s work with ArkLogoWorks as he makes great items and accepts Ark!

Let us know what you think of this weeks article and make sure to check out our Twitter for more crypto and TGH related stuff! Until next week!