Ark Heroes Telegram Sticker Pack

Colby Mort
Oct 30, 2018 · 5 min read

We’ve been working on a telegram sticker pack in the making for some time and today we’re happy to let you guys know we’re pretty much there with it and ready to release and use! The set features a bunch of different stickers to choose from all loosely tied to emojis for easy access to them.

You can add the pack here:

The current set of emojis comes from our Blockchain Heroes Line + Halloween Update so we’ve merged the two together to give you all something that can be used anytime in Telegram! Check out the Sticker line up!

Ghost Pirate Mike is our first Sticker in the set, representing part of the Halloween update we have for our Blockchain Heroes line. In our Telegram pack, he can be summoned using the 👻 & 😱 emojis.

What happens when you combine a good ol’ pumpkin and a beloved Ark team member? You get Pumpkin Mike! He’s your go to sticker for everything: 🎃/😜

Spooky Mike is one of our personal favourites, because who wouldn’t want to have their own broom? Couple that with some bats and a witches hat and this is your Sticker of choice for the emojis: 👋/ 😄

The Count! This Vampire won’t suck your blood, instead they’ll be there to aid you on Telegram when you need them most! You can send this to your compadres with a simple 😐 or 😈 emoji!

Like what you see above and want these stickers to come to life? Look no further! We have a bunch of packs full of these amazing stickers as we’ve partnered with Ark Stickers to provide this to you! You may have noticed our Arkening event going on right now, well we’ll be sending out packs to winners of these events as well as holding Social Media competitions in the weeks to come. These are exclusive designs created by our artists and won’t be returning in the flesh until next year so this will be your only chance! Make sure to follow all the details of the Arkening in both of these articles, here and here. Aswell as via our Twitter:

On to the next lot which are not Halloween themed, they’re our go to stickers from our Blockchain Heroes line that will be available in our merch store a little after release!

A knight in shining armour *cue the swoons* this sticker is best for those who like to use that smiley face with the shades you know the one: 😎 &☺️featuring our very own Ark Knight from the BH design line!

Some know him as Bold Ninja, others know him as Rok černec, needless to say he is the ninja in this line up! He’s traditionally a very happy dude if you look at any of his photos but we’ve made this ninja someone you wouldn’t wanna mess with and therefore we’ve gone with the 😠 emoji so you can ward away all those unwanted comments on Telegram!

This sticker is of Scott and helps you in times when you’re a little 😕 and needing some clarification, comes complete with 2 handed longsword and provisions!

DjSelery aka Travis is our go to sticker for the 🚀 as we thought you’d wanna use this as our destination is quite obviously the moon (lambos rejoice). We thought wielding a massive hammer was worthy of a celebratory emoji!

If you’re looking to tell someone you’re ok then look no further than the 👌emoji provided to you by Blacksmith Mike! It’s your one stop shop for all things Ark smithing!

We’re going to consistently expand the sticker pack, mainly in waves around seasonal events and then slowly rolling out more emotion based designs for things like sign emojis: 👍. For now though you’ll see the main designs linked to signs.


To conclude, we hope you very much like this Telegram Sticker Pack! Remember to be on the look out for our Arkening events and Social games to snag yourself some sweet Halloween Stickers! We’re going to be looking to port all these stickers over to iOS and Slack also so you can use them wherever is good! Remember to keep it locked on this Medium and our Twitter for more from us at The Golden Horde!

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