Launching Arkvatar 2.0

Today we’re happy to release our latest update to Arkvatar! This is a sweeping update with wide scale changes to our system and supporting platforms, like our website and document section. We’re really excited to show everything off and we’re confident with this launch that we’ve created a future proofed application that can deliver great features both for users of the system and developers looking to incorporate Arkvatar into their blockchain project.

You can check out Arkvatar here!

TheGoldenHorde Delegate Arkvatar

What’s Arkvatar?

Arkvatar is a service allowing everyone to generate for free their virtual self. Imagine a unique character made from millions of different part combinations that you can use to represent yourself online. In details however, it’s a bit more than that. Arkvatar allows you to generate a character tied to a specific crypto wallet address or email which gives you a unique identity and a way to share address details via a QR code wrapped into the image.

Our algorithm is able to detect from a wide range of Cryptocurrency addresses provided by the user, for example if a user enters an Ark address while generating their Arkvatar, our system is going to notice that and will act accordingly. This system will then generate a gradient background with the colours of the said Cryptocurrency and embed the explorer address in the QR code of the Arkvatar.

These updates we have made gives us a robust platform to expand upon and highly specialise Arkvatar so that we can add features for each individual Cryptocurrency project. We’re open to working with developers of specific projects to add more functionality for users and increase adoption of their project through the use of Arkvatar’s system. We believe that this will then

Overall this Arkvatar release includes:

  • Responsive & Robust Platform : We’ve designed and built Arkvatar 2.0 so that it is a robust platform that can be expanded upon and have a suite of functionality not just for the general crypto audience but at a singular project scope. We can tailor the platform to include features for each project by working with developers and community members.
  • Beautiful Website : Our designer cssninja has worked over time on creating a website that fits the theme of Arkvatar well and is easy to use for the end user. We think you’ll like it!
  • Filters : Allows you to apply a filter to your Arkvatar, this is more of a developer feature but can be pretty handy for third party websites, explorers and more. All information on applying filters can be found in our docs section.
  • QR Codes : QR Codes are the back bone of technicality behind each Arkvatar, right now it can link to your cryptocurrency address and when scanned navigate to the correct blockchain explorer address overview.
  • Beautiful Colours : We generate our gradient backgrounds based on the official colours of each coins we represent. You can choose to generate you gradient vertically or horizontally.

The future of Arkvatar:

  • Quests : Collect new Arkvatar parts to customise your avatar, there’ll be plenty of ways to find interesting parts through a cool Blockchain inspired quest system!
  • Marketplace : Trade parts with others via an Arkvatar marketplace.

Developer Support

We’re incredibly focused on making Arkvatar a platform that developers can pick up and utilise in their applications. From the beginning of Arkvatar we’re set out with a goal in mind to provide clear support to development teams and we believe through our new Documentation system, developers will feel right at home.

What’s next ?

We’re busy setting up our merchandise shop, auction system and a ton of cool features for cryptocurrency and blockchain fanatics. As you may have seen if you’ve followed our progress, we have some really great art made by amazing artists that not only connect to various cryptocurrency projects but have themed design lines and we’ll be releasing this all in our shop soon.