Launching Retos.IO — A TGH Development Tool

Today we’re pleased to release Retos.IO, a simple yet effective tool for developers. Retos has been something we’ve been putting together for a while and we are excited to finally get it into the hands of developers.

Retos is an incredibly simple API but is effective at allowing verification of a crypto address and to check which crypto is behind the address that is in question. It has been created to be lightweight and only requires a small query to function.

You can access the API and examples at:

Easy To Use, Easy To Understand!

This functionality has been tested and used by ourselves in other applications such as Arkvatar which allows users to create a personal avatar that’s bound to their crypto address. After the release of Arkvatar we felt that Retos was a great tool for many other scenarios and therefore release was absolutely necessary of the tool!

Let us know what you think and we hope you find it useful in your own applications. If you want to stay tuned for more information from us then make sure to give us a follow on our medium blog!

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