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Colby Mort
Oct 9, 2018 · 4 min read

Social Media is such a key area for Ark and an important part of growing the project. One of the pinnacle places for catching up with Ark community members and discussions is via Reddit, Slack & Twitter, specifically places like r/ArkEcosystem. As delegates we want to encourage the community to keep improving the social engagement for Ark and the network presence we as a community can bring to the overall wider crypto network. We believe as delegates, we can do this by empowering every community member to have a bigger effect on what they can provide back to the crypto network and Ark community.

Today we’re launching our ‘SIP’ program which we hope will encourage growth on social media for Ark along with a Reddit Engagement Rewards System.

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What is the Social Initiative Program?

This is something that we’ve been dabbling with for a little while and we feel it’s in a good place to release, SIP will be a program that allows community members to get free prizes for their competitions or engagements that they wish to carry out — similar to ACF but on a far smaller scale, SIP will be there for those trying to launch smaller scale social campaigns within the Ark community and outside of it, to raise awareness for Ark.

Every month us at The Golden Horde will give 4 free wall art pieces to competitions and campaigns in the Ark community, that are hosted by community members. If you’re a community member who needs some extra pizzazz for your competition/campaign then look no further than SIP. The application process is simple and will be open to small scale / large scale competitions. It also removes the hassle of having to send prizes to the winners, as we will handle all the prize giving & shipping logistics through our merchandise store.

Application Process & Initial Stock

To start with we will have 4 wall art pieces per month that can be used for initiatives and will expand the amount if we believe the program is going well. This will really be a first come first serve basis, however we will reject proposals that we feel are just trying to game our system and not add value to Ark. The amount of pieces we can give will reset back to 4 on the 1st of every month, so if you had an idea and were told all pieces had been given out then you can always try the following month and see if we have space!

Entering into the application process is as simple as either sending us a message on slack @ colby (The Golden Horde) or emailing us The format for your application should be:

  • Title Of Competition / Campaign
  • Your Contact Details
  • Summary Of Your Ideas
  • Social Medium That The Competition / Campaign Will Be Launched On
  • How The Winner Will Be Contacted
  • Date Competition / Campaign Will Be Started & Date Will End

Once the competition / campaign is concluded then simply message us the details of the winner and where to send the art work and after quickly verifying the competition ourselves we will send the prize to the winner.

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Prize Pool

The prize pool available to choose from will be ‘The Adventures of Ark’ series that will be getting some new additions to it soon. We feel this is the best design series for this program as it encapsulates the journey we are all on in the Ark community and the adventures we get up to. We’ll expand the line so there is more variety available but we feel this is a good start so far.

Reddit Engagement Rewards

On top of this we’ll also be allocating 2 further wall art pieces to Reddit, which will go to the two community members with the top upvoted / most engaging discussions that take place each month on the r/ArkEcosystem subreddit. Obviously team and announcement posts won’t be counted as this is targeting proper community discussion! We’ll contact the two users at the end of each month to make sure they get their prize!

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On top of this we’re also launching a super simple Slack lucky draw competition with a wall art and 50 Ark prize. To enter just simply follow these two rules:

Winner will be picked randomly and contacted through slack on the 31st!


As always let us know what you think either on Slack, in the comment section below this article or on Twitter via contacting us @TGH_Society. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and seeing how your applications and competitions / campaigns go!

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