The Ark x Ethereum Crypto Designathon Competiton

Today we’re launching a competition that aims to appeal to designers and artists. The competition will revolve around making useful open source graphics for the Ark and Ethereum projects. If you’re passionate for crypto and art and are looking for a way to get your name out there then this is the perfect competition for you as we’re going to be having a showcase of all entrants once the competition closes!

Special thanks to the Ark Community Fund, the Ark Team and Ark delegate GhostfaceUK for making this competition possible!

The Brief

We want you to create graphics and art assets revolving around the Ark and Ethereum blockchain projects. The art should be very inspired by the colour scheme, ethos and technology that each project has.

The competition will run in two parts, artwork for Ethereum & Ark will have their own sections of the competition with different prize pools. We believe both projects could have different art work, so comparing entries for the two would not be fair. Artists are allowed to enter both sides of the competition with different entries and can enter multiple times providing each entry is unique!

Art Assets

Entry ideas could be:

Banner/Social Graphics — A nice set of banner graphics for social media which explain what the project achieves whilst having a professional look and suitable colour scheme.

Infographics —These types of art are good as they can visually demonstrate the project they relate to and feature a ton of good information. These types of designs could be useful to new members or those looking to get specifics on parts of the technology in greater detail.

Other assets - A striking set of logos, custom made font packs, project sticker packs, colour scheme templates, visual templates and any asset that could add value to the community visually and be useful for the team.

Tips & Resources

An important tip to remember is colour scheme — All projects have their own colour schemes which are usually available to check in the media kits which we have linked below. The colour is an important aspect, the community and team are more likely to use the asset if it fits in with the projects colour style.

Useful resources for helping you create artwork can be found on both of the project’s websites within the media kits provided by both teams.

Ark’s Media Kit —

Ethereum’s Asset Kit —

Projects often have plenty of resources such as Logos to use in their Media Kit


Both sections of the competition will have a 1st place along with 2nd & 3rd runner ups. The prizes will be paid out in Ark and Ethereum for both competitions. The prize money is split as seen below:

Assets For Ark — 1st Place: $1000, 2nd/3rd Place: $500

Assets for Ethereum — 1st Place: $1000, 2nd/3rd Place: $500

Entering The Competition

To enter the competition, please send all entires to the email — If you have any questions you can also reach out to us through this email or on our Twitter account. When entering please send all creations in either JPG/PNG format.

By entering this competition, you must agree that any asset entered into the competition is open source and can be used by the project and community in any way they deem fit. These graphics will not be directly used by The Golden Horde, they will be solely used by the community and team!

The Competition will run from 18th August till 30th November at which point entries close and judging begins. The judging period will occur for two weeks, with the winner being announced just before christmas.

Referral System

If you know of artists who may like to enter then please let them know! If they sign up and win then the person who refers the winner will also get some sweet Golden Horde wall art sent to them! Make sure to let everyone know, share this article on your social feeds and make sure that when the artist enters get them to specify who they were referred by when sending their entry to the entrance email address.


We’ll also be using the hashtag #cryptodesignathon and asking all artists who enter to use the hashtag to show off work that they are creating for the competition! We will be featuring some of the WIPs on our social feeds and giving shoutouts across the board so make sure to tag your designs as they progress so the community can see how you progress!


Judges will be announced once the competition closes. Judges will have a period of time before the announcement where they will be looking over each entry and judging it based on several factors:

Detail — Does the design have a lot of detail and is the design well thought out, does the design stand out, is it unique and different?

Relation To Project — Does the design have good ties to the project through ethos, colour scheme and does the design fit with the trends of the project?

Influence On Community — What benefits does the design have on the project, does the design have a positive impact to the current community, does the design help to explain or promote the project to new community members or the wider crypto community?

Usecases — The specific ways in which the designs can be utilised, do they have a lot of mediums or are they only useful in certain scenarios. Are they accessible and understandable by those outside of the current community?

Ways To Follow The Competition

We will be revealing the judges further on down the line through our medium but to stay up to date with the competition then make sure to follow us, The Golden Horde on Twitter as we will be breaking down the competition and announcing the winner in November!

We wish everyone who enters the best of luck and make sure to share the competition to anyone you believe who will be interested!



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