The Arkening 2018: The Transcript

Please note this is a fun event — with activities, the following transcript is a dramatisation.

The following transcript has been found whilst securing the Ark network and intercepted by us at The Golden Horde.. Reynauld has contacted us with important information about an event known as The Arkening and he needs your help in order to defeat the scourge.

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The Rifts Emerge

You there! You must come closer this instant and identify yourself… look I need your help, the world needs your help and there’s not going to be a second chance here sonny. Don’t you see what’s going on right now? The rifts of doom have opened, the time is upon us to call up arms and take action. What? You’re wondering what I am going on about? Alright, alright, I’ll explain myself.

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My name is Reynauld, I’m a grave digger, in charge with scouring the land for any darkness that portrays itself in our world. Yesterday I noticed a sudden force enter these lands and today the Ark Ecosystem has been infiltrated and I fear it will get only worse. Temporal rifts have begun, starting with smart bridge transactions from random accounts but I fear that this will start spreading into other mediums soon if it is not taken grasp of!

We need you this instant to help us defeat what ghouls lie ahead, no matter the peril one will face. What’s in it for you? Well rewards I’ve been told, treasures for your troubles in the form of Ark and maybe more…

You’ve around a week until the portals disappear, which I count will be Sunday 4th November, but you must hurry as we can’t rely on the mere closure of a portal for the damage will be done from what comes within.

Your Choices

Yes you have choices, what I can tell you now is that there will be harrowing activities taking place around us over the next week, some things out of the ordinary but should you grasp on and defeat the scourge then you shall be rewarded. In order to set up a base of operations I’ve created a wallet (which was surprisingly easy for an old man like me) to which I can provide incentives to those who fight against the darkness. You can track my address here:

Decipher This Nonsense

The first task is to decipher this unintelligible code that has been spewing from the smart bridge since this morning. We’ve detected two accounts each sending a transaction that brings with it only doom, you need to work this out and there will be a mighty fine reward for the one who finds the pattern and fits the key to me. The portals that have opened are:

Stay Vigilant For Spooky Tweets

Whenever new events occur I will inform people on The Golden Horde Twitter about them, these could be mini events to defeat the evil which will be rewarded so make sure to keep an eye on this Twitter account and follow it to be able to participate:

Slack Activities

I shall be visiting you mortals upon the Ark slack over the coming week and will be asking a variety of questions for which I will reward for your co-operation. I’ll leave times up to spontaneity so it’ll be anyones guess for when I will show up.

Reddit Activities

Did the Reddit not think it would be called to action? Of course I will be found on the Reddit, answering questions and having games take place in the weekly discussion from Monday onwards so prepare yourself!


It is important that you keep this transcript close as I will be updating it with all the new events that pop up.. rest easy that there is treasure for those who take a part in this harrowed event with over 500 Ark in troves and many scourges to defeat! A list of current events is here:

  • Decipher This Nonsense (Ongoing until 31st October)
  • Spooky Tweets (Ongoing until 4th November)
  • Slack Activities (Various Minigames until 4th November)
  • Reddit Activities (Commencing from 29th October onwards)
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

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