The Golden Horde Announces Ark Delegation & Merchandise Business

After being in the Ark community for more than a year, we have seen a lot of great people coming together and discussing all things cryptocurrency and blockchain whilst working towards a common goal in prospering the Ark Ecosystem. We’ve seen many delegates launching on Ark and providing great services to the community, whether it be through cool web applications, community engagement or even outreach for Ark.

This close knit web of delegates with amazing ideas has inspired us to think about what we can bring to the table and how we can create something unique to this space that will not only benefit the Ark Ecosystem but give something valuable and fun back to the community. We are announcing our delegation and this article aims to provide a summary of what we aim to achieve, our roadmap for implementing our ambitions and what is in store for both our voters and the Ark community. We are proud to introduce you all to The Golden Horde.

The Golden Horde

Our delegation combines the best of Ark through forging rewards whilst giving something extra, the option and ability for our voters to get cryptocurrency and blockchain merchandise delivered to their door. We have now launched our delegation and are looking to get into the top 51 delegates to start forging, therefore we need your help!

Introducing Our Merch Store

Our merchandise store will provide primarily Ark related merchandise as well as general Cryptocurrency & Blockchain artwork that we have been busy working on for the past several months, acquiring a network of artists, product suppliers and a sufficient supply chain to provide a quality service to you, the community. Each month we will be launching new content for Ark as well as more expansions into other cryptocurrency related projects such as the GET Protocol, Ethereum, Bitcoin & the wider cryptocurrency community.

Merch will be available to purchase on our store in BTC, ETH, GET, FIAT as well as Loot. Loot Points is a point based system we have on our platform that can be earned by voting for The Golden Horde, our payout system will be a sliding scale so that our voters can tailor the percentage of Ark which they receive from us as well as the percent of Loot they receive, in doing so this gives them the freedom to decide the amount of merchandise they can get from us without having to spend a penny.

What This Means For Our Voters

Our delegation will be launching as soon as possible and we aim to provide a quality service, engage in the community and produce quality merchandise that both our voters and the community will love. In August our voters will be able to tailor the % of Ark and % of Loot they wish to receive, the more Loot they generate, the more merchandise they can acquire. Voters can spend their Loot on individual items in our store or receive Golden Crates delivered straight to their door filled with amazing merch items. This is a system we have in place to reward our Golden Horde voters and we believe this system offers something unlike anything else currently available in the Ark Ecosystem. As Loot is generated by the voter, they will reach Loot thresholds that enable eligibility to receive Golden Crates delivered to them, the Loot will then be deducted from their account. These crates will contain Ark merchandise in various forms such as t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, mugs, wall art and much more. We believe this will be a different way to provide value to our voters, full of mystery and intrigue that will provide value in fun and unusual ways!

Delegate Details

Payout Schedule: Weekly

Minimum Payout: 1 Ark

Temporary Payout % (Until Sliding Scale): 90%

Covers Voting Fees: Yes

The Golden Horde Team

Colby (@ Colby in Slack)

Matthias (@ SuperCool in Slack)

Jolan (@ Highjhacker in Slack)

Vote Quimby (@ VoteQuimby in Slack)

Design Lines

All art we will release will be based in design lines, these are ideas we have come up with in which all art released in a design line will have the same theme and style. We hope to appeal to as many people as we can and have a design line that everyone likes and enjoys. A sneak peak at some of our design lines:

The Crypto Mythos

When beasts and cryptocurrencies collide, a mythos is created. These designs feature the wildest creatures, fantastic backdrops and the logos of projects which you know and love. Immerse yourself in the myths and legends with the Crypto Mythos design line!

Blockchain Heroes

Intertwining adventure and action in a quest like no other. Join our loyal heroes on their journey to fight, explore and battle beasts. This design line puts your favourite project founders and evangelists into a fantasy world like no other!

Bear & Bull

The fate of the market hangs on a tightrope of suspense and volatility. The ying and yang of the cryptocurrency world has been re-imagined in this design line. Each beast brought into the fray in vivid detail, showing you the striking ferocity and balance in which everything hangs.

The Crypto Gangsters

A gangsters life is never dull, there is always action around the corner. When the crypto world got thrown upside down, these fine gentlemen answered the call, trading blockchains for bullets. Will you be bold and follow in the footsteps of those before you?

Ark Onboarding Platform

As our merchandise business expands to have cryptocurrency merch from other projects, we will launch our onboarding platform which will be designed to introduce our customers to the Ark Ecosystem.

We currently have a brochure being designed as well as a webpage tailored to inform our customers at The Golden Horde all about Ark and what value Ark brings to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, we really want to ensure that we can grow the Ark Ecosystem and due to the fact we will be growing an audience at The Golden Horde which will be the exact target demographic that Ark aims to target.

We believe this should further help the Ark ecosystem grow and offers a way for us to further give back to the community and grow the network effect of Ark.


Whilst we are primarily a merchant delegation, we will also be launching a suite of web and blockchain services that will be software tools that will have a host of functionality use cases. These services will be provided for free to Ark community members whilst being a fee based service to the general cryptocurrency community. As the year progresses we will be providing more information as to our first service and what you can expect.


Now: The Golden Horde Delegation launches allowing Ark community members to vote for us into the top 51. We need your help getting into a forging spot!

Mid August: Our sliding scale voting system will be launched allowing voters to start receiving Loot Points.

Mid September: Our merchandise business launches allowing anyone to purchase merchandise as well as redeem Loot for individual items in the store.

January 2019: Our first Golden Crates will be sent to voters who have redeemed their Loot for crates, sending merchandise right to our voters doorsteps.

August 2019: Our first web & blockchain service launches, provided for free for Ark community members.

We hope you like what we have to offer and we look forward to helping grow the Ark Ecosystem.



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