The Golden Horde Ecosystem — Your Hearts Desire

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Here at The Golden Horde we’re always looking for ways to push forward the crypto space and help the projects around us that we’re passionate for. As Ark delegates we’re very lucky to be intertwined in the Ark Ecosystem and we feel it is our duty to help grow Ark, something that we are very passionate about achieving. Over the past two months we’ve released a myriad of articles explaining our goals and in that time we’ve tackled quite a bit already as discussed in our Monthly Report for August.

We feel this article is needed because in the past we have discussed what we will achieve, why we’re passionate about what we do and how we aim to achieve our plans but we’ve never discussed what The Golden Horde is really all about and the grand vision for it all.

The Arkening Has Seeped Into This Article!

Creating An Ecosystem

We started The Golden Horde out of our love for technology, art, community and also the blockchain space. Ark was a natural pick for us to center our ecosystem around because whilst the technology that is being built is great, it’s the people in the community that makes Ark truly fantastic. We have always been humbled by just how passionate and close knit the Ark community is and the delegate system certainly helps as we explained in one of our previous articles. With all of this in mind we wanted to create our own ecosystem around Ark that could be relevant and relatable to the entire cryptocurrency audience, something that could attract anyone to our brand and community. In turn this would also benefit Ark as we believe there is a great chance we could make Ark appeal to those who know what we do.

Something we haven’t touched much upon is the fact that The Golden Horde isn’t simply a merchandise business, it is an ecosystem that will continually grow and hopefully be accessible and fulfilling for everyone in the crypto space. We’re showing this through now having French translations of all of our important content and building an easy to understand brand and delegate that all can get behind. It’s important that everyone knows the different parts to our ecosystem as it’s about time that we make it clear all the different sections of The Golden Horde.

The Golden Horde Merch

To start with we wanted to focus on our merchandise shop as it’s a perfect fit for us due to the passion we have for artwork and what better than moulding this to be relevant for crypto. Overall our merch shop has been coming along well and we’re eager to start getting great art into people’s hands whilst having a system to onboard customers into the Ark community. We’re aiming to get the merchandise shop up and running by the end of the year which we realise is later than we initially described. The reason for pushing the merch shop back is purely down to wanting to ensure all the products we sell are of the utmost quality and in order to provide that then we’re going to need to take some extra time and really test each and every product we plan to sell so we can make each and every customer as happy as possible.

Two Of Our Designs From ‘The Adventures Of Ark’ Design Line

The Loot Points system has been in production now for some time and we’re starting to see the end of the tunnel. By the time our merchandise shop is up and running, Loot Points will be collectable through voting for us and tailoring your payout percentage. These Loot Points can then be used in our store and in other parts of our ecosystem such as the TGH Services we will release and reveal at a later date!

The Golden Horde Society

TGH Society encompasses all of our social presence and the community we are building, it’s something we haven’t defined until now and we’ve been hard at work crafting our community so that it is easier to understand and be a part of. In order to do this we’re launching a Discord channel which will be joinable by anyone and everyone from the crypto community and whilst there will be channels that focus on Ark we want to create a community around TGH from all over the internet so there will be a full focus on crypto agnostic talk that will be held together by a series of challenges, games and community spotlights that will take place within the Discord.

We will also be creating a new Twitter and Instagram that will be featuring more crypto specific posts, Ark delegate updates, TGH Services we release and more relatable content for the average crypto member. Our current Twitter and Instagram will continue to be used for merchandise related postings. As for further social updates we’ll be announcing a youtube channel in the coming weeks that will have TGH video content.

TGH Society Discord

Our discord will be the primary place that we hang out in during the weeks and a great community to join for information on what we do as well as just to talk crypto. We’ll be actively growing it and encouraging others from all across the space to join us there and we’ll ensure there will be lots of engaging discussions, fun things to do and plenty of channels for variety. We will also be having weekly events and content to keep people interested. The Discord can be joined below:

TGH Society Twitter

Our Twitter system will be changing so that our current Twitter page will solely be used for our merchandise and promoting the products to all people in the crypto sphere. Our new Twitter is linked below and will be used for everything TGH, Ark and crypto related. We’ll be aiming to grow this and incorporate a nice community here also as that’s what the TGH Society stands for, unison and togetherness!

In celebration of launching this Twitter we are launching a Golden Horde Haiku contest Friday 8–10 AM on the Golden Horde French Twitter and this TGH Society Twitter! Follow us, retweet, write your best Haiku about blockchain, Ark, or the Golden Horde and get a chance to win 10 ARK! You’ll also be able to catch more crypto related posts on our TGH Society Instagram.

The Golden Horde Services

We have always been passionate for technology and most of our team have a tech background so it makes sense for us to create software products for our voters and the Ark community, aswell of course the general crypto industry. With the addition of V2 we’re excited to see what we can come up with to build for Ark and you should expect to see some more news on our first software service in the next few months.

As for priority, TGH Services will be one of our main focuses in the future, with the aim to build quality software products for the cryptocurrency & blockchain community. We believe there is so much potential for blockchain and applications utilising it and we also firmly believe all of our services will be beneficial to TGH voters and of course the Ark Ecosystem. We’re hoping to ensure all of these services created will be tied around the Loot Point system so that those who vote for us can use LP in other ways than just through our merch store. Our aim is to have our first software service created by the end of the year and a non software service called BARK — Badass Ark Resource Kits that we touched upon in the monthly report, should be opened up in time for Christmas. Here is a sneak peak part of our service:

Anyways that about wraps up this article, hopefully it has summarised what we’re aiming to achieve at TGH and the different sections to our Ecosystem.

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