The Golden Horde Monthly Update — September 2018

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Welcome everyone to our next monthly update from us at The Golden Horde. September has been a busy time for us, which has resulted in the month rapidly flying past and leaving us here at the end of it, with another report for all to read!

Before we get into this month’s report we wanted to announce that we’re going to be rewarding our voters periodically with some of our TGH Wall Art. We be giving one random voter of ours every three months some wall art so make sure to get on board and vote for us, we won’t let you down! The first draw will be on the 31st October and include 100 Bonus Ark to the winner, so make sure to vote for us as your delegate if you haven’t to be eligible to win!

In September we focused on building our network, ecosystem and all the propositions that we can bring to Ark and the wider cryptocurrency community. Since our conception a few months prior, we have had plenty of feedback and had the pleasure to have spoken with many of the Ark community on different ideas. At TGH we wanted to focus on making it clear to people what we stand for and the different parts that make up our brand, we feel that this is important as it allows people to quickly summarise what we do and also give a clear concise message as to the TGH Ecosystem.

A Clear Ecosystem

To do this we thought about the different sections we aim to deliver on and after some thinking it came down to three parts:

Society to us represents the community we are trying to build as well as all those amazing people in the Ark community. It’s one of the main reasons we became delegates and started TGH. If it wasn’t for the people we have met over the years in crypto then things would be much different. We’re growing the TGH Society through our Discord and Twitter. Whilst it is early days we have several plans in place to get this flourishing.

Merch is part of our core business proposition, it’s something we’re passionate for and seeing designs being created and loved by those in the crypto space is truly a joy. The merch section of our business also helps us reach new people in crypto, whom we can tell about Ark through our onboarding process that we have in development.

Finally services is something that is just a natural fit for crypto and takes into consideration our teams background as we all come from an I.T background, like most in this space. Our software services will be slowly rolling out and we hope one day there will be a whole suite of tools and products for people to utilise. In October you can expect to hear more about some of our services, we’re very excited about this!

Website Release

We finally released our website this month, which comes with some funky tools for our voters along with a nice description of us as a team and a homepage we’re pretty proud of. The dashboard however is definitely the pièce de résistance as you can monitor our payout runs, check each individual wallet and look in depth at each voter we have paid and those who are voting for us as a whole. We feel like this is a nice platform that we can springboard from, with integrations of the Loot Points, Services and other products in the future that we can offer the community and our voters.

To accompany this we had a little Twitter competition for people to suggest changes and features they would like to see. This competition resulted in some pretty awesome suggestions that we’re looking forward to implement and some changes you can expect to see implemented are:

  • Night Mode — For those who like a sleek black look
  • Better Tooltips — So the menu navigation bar is easier to understand
  • Ark Staking Calculator — To find out estimated forging returns

You can expect these changes to be present in the next few weeks as we roll out updates to our site. Thanks to everyone who contributed suggestions on our Twitter!

This is a section we’re adding so we can give a nice roundup of all our September releases each month and the articles created to cover everything. For anyone who hasn’t read some of our articles this is the perfect way to catch up on what they have missed.

Ark Community Digest

ACD articles are our way of getting in touch with members in the community and sharing a glimpse into their life for all in the community to see. Since Ark has such an amazing community full of great people with a variety of backgrounds we usually get some awesome stories being told! In September we released four community digest articles with Djenny Floro, Marc ‘Cryptology’, Matthias ‘SuperCool’ and Jorma!

It was awesome getting to learn more about these great people and it’s always fun seeing everyone's backgrounds and what brought them to Ark!

French Debut

We announced on the 5th of September that we would provide French translations to our key articles as well as a community for any French member of Ark of the wider crypto audience. We have a French Twitter Account & a French Medium blog as well as a channel for French speaking on our Discord. All of this is being ran by our amazing team member — Marc (Known as Jim in the Ark Slack). You can check out every French article written in September here:

Crypto Designathon

If you’re not familiar with our “Ark x Ethereum Crypto Designathon” then this is a good recap. We got funding from the ACF & Ark team and have put together a competition for artists to create open source graphics for the Ark & Ethereum communities. We believe this will be a great way to bring new crypto community members into our Ark community as well as engage artists and get great usable artwork for everyones benefit. In September we made an update piece discussing the extension of the time for artists to submit designs till the end of November as well as launched a Bounty Campaign where anyone can help us share the word and get Ark & merch as bounty payment.

We highly recommend checking out both the art competition and bounty campaign as they are well worth your time if you are interested!

We have a juicy reward for the person who gets the most engagement overall on their posts throughout the entire competition and we will be tracking how well posts do. The winner at the end of the bounty campaign will receive these two amazing designs above!

TGH & Delegate Articles

As mentioned in our summary we released both our website and our overarching vision for the TGH Ecosystem. Both of these articles were created in September and are available to read on our blog or following the links below.

We also created a very important article summarising much needed changes to our delegacy which we penned with two other delegates, Cryptology & Deadlock. In the article we discussed why the delegate system can result in under funding for us to run our nodes and help the Ark community which is why we have had to make payout changes.

We have also introduced some new features to our Monthly Report which will start from the end of October onwards which will include an expenditure report for our Ark figures so our voters know exactly where our 20% share is going, we feel that this is important for transparency and being as fair to our voters as possible. We will also be having quarterly reviews of our payment structure and adjust according to the market conditions and the network. We hope that our voters understand that this was an important change for us to keep delivering quality content and we’re looking forward to showing you everything on the horizon!

In October you can expect more awesome stuff heading your way as we look to launch our first TGH Service for the Ark community as well as for the wider crypto community. We’ve been working on this for a while so are super excited to get it out there for everyone to use! You can expect to hear more about this in the coming weeks.

We’ll also be continuing the Ark Community Digest with a further four episodes, one being released already with Cam!

As for our delegation, we’ll be drawing the voter raffle on the 31st October and also have a bounty program out rewarding Ark for anyone who shares our “Ark x Ethereum Crypto Designathon” on social media!



As always we appreciate everyone who has read through our report, the voters and also the Ark community for getting behind us at TGH. We’re looking forward to showing you guys what we have to offer in October so stay tuned and make sure to follow TGH Society on Twitter to keep up with our updates!



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