The Golden Horde – The Ark Awakens Design Auction

As you may be aware, Wednesday, 28th November 2018 is a very special day.. it is Ark’s Core V2 release day! To celebrate we’re launching an auction for one of our limited edition designs that we’ve created especially for this occasion titled, “The Ark Awakens” which will be an exclusive sale of 10 pieces… after this it’ll be locked away for the foreseeable future!

This is your chance to snag your hands on a design commemorating a very special moment in Ark’s history that has been on everyone’s minds for a long time. Perfect for a wall of any kind, this design is guaranteed to wow guests and capture the magic of the release for many years to come.

The Auction

Our auction website has been made in collaboration with the amazing delegate ArkLand and it will tell you everything you need to know about the sale.

We’ll be adding the website to this article as soon as it is live on Wednesday and the auction will begin as soon as Ark V2 Mainnet is up and running! The main feature of the website is our leaderboard which shows the currently winning bids as well as information on minimum bids, average bid price and positions of those who have bid. This information is live and refreshes constantly so it’s perfect for those looking to keep an eye on the auction.

The minimum entry bid to start will be 300 Ark and will have an entry fee of 0.25 Ark per bid to avoid spam or illegitimate bids in the process. The auction will run until 8th December and will have stretch goals (discussed further in this article) that will be unlocked as the total Ark raised increases which will give you further incentives to enter and will make this sale extra special.

Entering The Auction

If you’d like to enter our auction then simply follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the entry system on the website.
  • Enter a username along with an email or slack username address.
  • Send a 0.25 Ark tx to our Address and in the SmartBridge section of the transaction, specify your bid amount (in Ark) so that we can register your bid.
  • Wait for the confirmation screen so you know the bid has gone through & check the leaderboard to see your position!


It is important to remember that you should only send a bid that you can afford, to simplify the process we require that the Ark wallet you send the bid from should have enough Ark to cover the cost of your bid amount that you have specified in the transaction. Failure to follow this will result in your bid attempt getting rejected.

Please do not send a bid directly from an Exchange, we cannot verify the bid unless it comes from a non exchange address. Sending directly from an exchange will result in your bid getting rejected.

The final ten highest bids will be locked in at midnight (11:59 UTC) on the 8th December. Remember that by sending in a bid you are not guaranteeing your winning position, only the ten highest bids at the end of the auction will be receiving a print.

Contacting Winning Bidders

At the end of the auction we will contact every winning bidder via their specified contact details to arrange the final payments. We’ll request the full bid amount and once we have confirmation of the Ark payment then we will begin the process of shipping the art pieces, we’re aiming to get them delivered by Christmas!

In the event that the winning bidder is unreachable or is unable to make the payment then the next highest bidder outside of the top 10 will be chosen instead.

Minimum Bid & Stretch Goals

As the auction gets underway, you may see the minimum bid information at the top of the page increase, this is to help you make a bid that will get you into the top ten in the bidding process. As the auction heats up then it is advisable to frequently check back to our website to check your position in the leaderboard.

We’ve also implemented a system where the first place winner will receive an extra large version of the art piece to reward the highest bidder and to top that off we’ll be upping the ante by having stretch goals which provide extra goodies to winners! As the average bid increases then these extra goals can be hit, unlocking new prizes for all winning bidders. Check out the stretch goals below:

300 Ark Average Bid – Minimum Goal

400 Ark Average Bid – Spooky Ark Sticker Packs

500 Ark Average Bid – The Ark Awakens Exclusive Tote Bag

700 Ark Average Bid – The Ark Awakens Exclusive Phone Case / Cushion

It’s important to note that as each stretch goal is achieved then these stack with previous goals so that winners will receive every prize that has been unlocked!

Social Campaign

If you’re eager to help us get the message out about the auction or want a further chance in winning some limited edition merch then look no further than our social campaign. All we need you to do is head to our Gleam social media campaign below and share our competition on Twitter! Make sure to use the tag #ArkEcosystem to get the word out and you could be in with a chance of winning a tote bag with the “Ark Awakens” design!