Amorous Afghan student arrested for stalking classmate

Afghan college student and his two friends land behind bars for stalking, harassing and trying to force a teenage Indian girl into a relationship

The Koregaon police have put behind bars an obsessed man, and his two friends, who were continuously harassing a girl in a one-sided love affair for about four months, and were forcing her to accept his proposal, since March 2016.

Afghanistan nationals Ahmed Sultan Zahir, 23, Ahmed Sharif Abdul Gafar, 20, and Sher Afzal Bashir Ahmed Noorastani, 22,all residents of NIBM Road, Kondhwa were arrested by the Koregaon police for stalking a young girl, with the intent of trying to force her to accept Zahir’s proposal.

Zahir and his two friends are second year students of Bachelor of Computer Science of a reputed college of Pune city. Zahir was obsessed with a girl in his college. He was pressurising herto accept his proposal, following her around, making lewd remarks, and trying to start a conversation with her, to force her into a relationship with him. The 16-year-old girl, who was not interested in his proposal, was under immense strain owing to the mental harassment caused by his behaviour. She hails from Gujarat, and is staying with her relatives in Pune, to pursue her studies.

In her statement to the police, the victim said that she had taken admission to the college last year. She knows the accused since February 2016 as he was a student of her college, and a member of her group. They were acquaintances, but in March 2016, he called her and declared that he loved her and wanted to have a relationship with her. She refused, but instead of accepting her decision, Zahir continued to call her, stalk her and put pressure on her, and he was helped in this by his above mentioned friends. The friends used to ask her why she did not like Zahir,and why she was refusing his proposal.

Initially the victim tried to talk to him and explain but as he keptpursuing her relentlessly, she blocked his number and then deactivated herself from social media platforms. But even such gestures on her part did not dissuade him and he continued to harass her.

She stated that he started following her everywhere in college and on March 27, he had the audacity to catch hold of her hand,and demanded to know why she was refusing his proposal. This incident terrified her and she did not go to college for two days. She did not share this with anyone as she was afraid. Then she went home to Gujarat for the holidays, but Zahir started calling her from another number, troubling her, and kept trying to convince her to accept the relationship.

She returned to Pune when college reopened, and was stressed as he continued with his antics. He even stuck a note on the door of the house of her relatives where she is staying. In the letter written in the last week of June, he mentioned that he wanted to meet her and if she refused, he threatened to post photographs of her on the social media. It seemed that he had some photographs of her in the bathroom, and he said he would post them along with his own photos, unless she agreed to the proposal.

On July 1, Zahir went to the ladies room of the college and left a letter in her friend’s bag, stating that he wanted to meet her. By now the victim was terrified and she shared the whole story with her family. On hearing about this, the victim’s mother came down to Pune and went with her to Koregaon police station to register a complaint against Zahir and his friends.

Senior Police Inspector, Rajendra Patil said that they hadarrested Ahmed Sultan Zahir, Ahmed Sharif Abdul Gafar and Sher Afzal Bashir Ahmed Noorastani, and booked them under Section 354 (A) and (D) (Assault or criminal intent to outrage her modesty) and Section 34 (Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention), POSCO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012) Sec 8 and 12. They were produced before the Shivajinagar court and were remanded to police custody for one day.

Originally published on The Golden Sparrow

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