An act of bravery to rescue a cow

Youth ventures into construction pit to rescue a cow that had fallen in

By Ekta Katti

Jagdish Koli

Jagdish Koli, 26, rescued a cow that fell into a construction pit dug for the Metro project at Belpada Road in Kharghar, putting himself at the risk of serious injury in the process.

The cow had fallen into the pit on Monday night. Residents of the area informed the fire department about it on Tuesday morning. The fire department had asked for a crane to rescue the animal. But when the crane arrived, someone was needed to get into the pit. Koli, aka Bobby, was the man who had the courage to undertake the risky rescue.

“At around 9:30 am on Tuesday I saw the crowd, and I saw that a cow had fallen into the pit. Since no one else was willing to get into the pit, I jumped into the pit. First of all I had to calm down the cow, after which I was able to tie the belt around the cow. But as the crane was pulling it out, the cow thrashed around, the belt came loose and it fell into the pit again. I had to get into the pit and repeat the process all over again, but this time we were able to pull the animal out of the pit,” said Koli.

Koli had rescued some people from drowning in a waterfall at Kharghar in 2012, using a makeshift rope of clothes to pull them out.

Koli, who is a supervisor in a private motor company, says that he is driven by the thought that people have stopped caring for one another, and that he can prove that it is possible to show kindness and mercy to others without wanting anything in return.

Work on the 23.40 km Metro linking Kharghar, Belapur, Taloja, MIDC Kalambol and Khandeshwar has been going on since 2011. And the pit near Belpada Road has been the cause of accidents before.

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