Army to decide the fate of highrises

The armed forces may soon have the authority to decide how high buildings can rise around their establishments. According the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Southern Army, Lieutenant General Bipin Rawat, the armed forces are working on a dossier that will help the armed forces and the Pune Cantonment Board decide if highrises built or are getting built around the armed forces establishments are a secutity risk.

A recent construction of a high-rise building in the vicinity of National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla had caused concern for the armed forces. Moreover, since the airstrip at the NDA had been broadened, the NDA had asked the district administration to take a No Objection Certificate from the defence board before allowing the construction around the air strip, a demand the Pune Municipal Corporation had shirked.

“We need to work with the Defence sector on this because there are major safety issues. We have asked them to send us detailed data on what can be allowed around which establishment,” said a PMC official on the condition of anonymity.

“The rule that tells us about how high a building can be around our establishments dates back to 1903. The Works of Defence Act, is a British era rulebook, which we are trying to upgrade. We need to protect our secrets while also protecting the civilians. Thus, we need the buildings to be generated in a manner that we can handle,” Rawat explained.

“The buildings that are already built, we can’t do much about. But we can seriously stop any new construction to go after a certain height,” explained the PMC official.

The GoC also said, “The building mafia has become a big issue and we are slowly and steadily developing strategies.”

Originally published on The Golden Sparrow