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City artist Trishna Patnaik believes she was born to paint

For city-based artist Trishna Patnaik, art is her life and identity. Being self-taught, she combines realism with her imaginations. Known for the intensity of her artwork, Trishna skilfullywields her brush to create moody and atmospheric pieces. She is now a full-time painter, pursuing her passion to create and explore.


After a three-year stint in the corporate world,she realised that she was destined for something more meaningful. Painting for her has been analogous to meditation. It has been her stress buster, and a platform for expression. Getting a decent job after a decent degree was always a priority in her traditional service-sector family. But there was a perpetual uneasiness in everything she pursued. “I found my true calling in my strength, my hobby, my inner voice, my passion that is painting. Contemporary art is what gets me going. I am working smart on developing my unique style. It’s a road less travelled but a journey that I look forward to everyday,” she says.

As a child, she was never inclined towards art. In her 10th standard vacation, she took to it and enjoyed the learning process. “I use to dislike the whole thought of an art class in my school. It was so rule book-based and so full of marks. Draw and paint a rainy day or accident on a road or a mela, were the usual topics in school. I could never really understand whether I am good in this or inclined towards art. Probably because of this, the idea of going to an art school never occurred to me at all,” shares.


She has dabbled with all mediums from pencil, charcoal, pastels to watercolours, acrylics and oil. She applies techniques based on what the piece requires. Each medium, she believes, is beautiful and has something unique to offer. “I never paint on paper or canvas. I always paint in my mind first and then I only manually pursue my artwork with my hands. I love how a small charcoal stick or crayon can create fire on paper,” she says.

Trishna draws inspiration from her life and everything around her.However, she’s more inclined towards abstracts, graphics and faces. “The whole point of being a painter is to express rather than impress.And once you are set to only express, the medium of expression can vary and the techniques could be straight out of the book or even something which has never been seen before,” she adds.

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