City celeb chat

Name: Shaan Kumar
Profession: Environmentalist, Model Filmmaker
Three words to describe me: Adventurous, determined, grateful
I love my job because: I get to do and stand up for things that I believe in. It keeps me going
Best advice I’ve received: Always keep your feet on the ground. It is the simplest and the most effective piece of advice I have ever received
When buying something, the first thing that catches my eye is: Usually the packaging or print
What’s your inner animal?: An elephant, because I am strong, powerful, yet caring and I love my family
The first thing you notice about an attractive person: I find intelligence extremely attractive
The perfect start to a day is: A warm glass of lemon-honey-cumin water, music that I love and some stretching
Your current four-wheeler: Don’t have one
Your fitness regimen: A healthy diet with fruits, sprouts, lentils and lots of water, plus, being regular to the gym and dancing
Your food indulgence: I love cake, it’s difficult for me to control my cake cravings
Books by your bedside: Norwegian Wood, Into the Wild, The Tipping Point
The first site you visit when you fire up your comp: It’s either YouTube or Flipboard
Your favourite city: Pune. I hail from Bhopal, but I completed my graduation in Pune and worked with kids there for another three years and loved every bit of it. Pune is my happy place
Ideal holiday: Croatia with a group of close friends.

Originally published on The Golden Sparrow

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