George to play a TV host in his next film

The glam, onscreen couple Julia Roberts and George Clooney will be seen together in Jodie Foster’s next, Money Monster. The movie revolves around George, who plays the TV host of a finance show Lee Gates while Julia plays the shows’ producer Patty.
The characters are put into a critical situation when an investor, who has lost everything, takes over their studio. They are taken hostage while his show is live. “We loved the idea of talking about the world of money and how it’s gotten out of control. It’s about how when things go wrong, you don’t really understand what it is that caused you to lose money. I thought this was an interesting subject,” says George.

Julia plays the role of a supportive producer, who helps him find a way to stay alive at the same time uncovers the truth behind the mystery. “Julia’s character is trying to stay calm and collected. She helps Lee keep himself calm and understand what’s going on in the studio. The story is about all of us feeling in control even as we’re not in control of our own lives,” he adds.

The film is centred around a subject related to the common man. It’s about times when somebody benefits off of our lack of understanding. The film also stars Jack O’Connell as Kyle, who lost all his money after heeding to an advice given by George on his show. “Well I don’t think Lee was paying much attention or really cares, you know, he’s sort of a cynical cat and doesn’t really care much about any of those things. Kyle does this based on something that I told him to do and I was lying to him, even if I wasn’t aware of it,” he adds.

Being one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood, George sure handles fame and success with utmost dignity. He, however, feels that the scope of his work gets limited because of his age. “You try to pick the films that work best for you and, as you age, they become fewer and fewer,” he says.

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