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Becoming sensitive to the environment and our surrounding is the need of the hour, and irrespective of how you do it or at what scale, it is the thought behind it that counts. Every now and then the depleting ozone layer or the rising pollution levels in cities are in the news, and all we do is sit back and blame each other for it. While many of us don’t get enough time to consciously do something for the environment, supporting people who do it is the next best step. Take a look at some of the eco-friendly brands from Pune, their stories and their out-of-the-box products.



Armed with a degree in fashion designing, Smriti Shikhiare worked as assistant costume designer before she decided to start something of her own. When she started off four years ago, she was working alone and created Raveesh. Dealing in utility products made from cotton and silk fabrics, the raw materials used are all eco-friendly and look strikingly good. It all started when she started making things for herself and her family friends. She was anyways at that time looking for something to do from home and this seemed to fit in perfectly. “I want the products to be of some use and look appealing too. A lot of thought is put into every product that we make be it in the appearance of it or its utility value,” says Smriti. It was through trial and error that she mastered the art of making these products, and she makes everything from pouches to organisers and even purses. Even though she started off alone, she now has someone to help her out.
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The paper bag culture


The name is simply enough to explain what the vision and product of this brand is. Started in February last year by Swati Kumbhare, every single product that has this name stamped on it is hand-made and produced with the utmost attention to detail. It started off with Swati making paper bags to gift to her friends and family, who absolutely loved the fact that she had made them herself. Once she realised that there was a need for this and that people actually appreciated the designs and detailing she did, she decided to go all out and started her own brand. “People are becoming more conscious of their surroundings and so there is a need for something so simple and yet so effective. Almost all the raw materials we use are eco-friendly and some products are made re-using materials like newspapers,” she says. At the paper bag culture you not only can customise your own bags but have a variety of designs to pick up from as well.
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After working in the corporate world for about 11 years, Nivedita Chopra decided to quit her job and start something that was eco-friendly. She started Rebirth which is a solution design company that promotes an eco-friendly living through recycling, reusing and up-cycling. She was joined by Kumar Prashant, who took over for her when she moved to Bengaluru. Their first recycling project was an art installation done at Mumbai International Airport by using old bottles and tyres in support of People for Animal. “Each of us can do small gestures to tackle the impact of waste on our environment. As an individual you can help your society or community you live in by promoting segregation of waste and holding waste collection drives. Inculcating simple and effective recycling habits into our lifestyle is the need of the hour and should become part of our daily lives eventually reducing our carbon footprint,” explains Kumar.
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Cryptic Hues


Every time she had to host a party for her children’s birthday or a family get-together, her biggest dilemma was what to give in form of return gifts or tokens of appreciation to the people that showed up at her house. This is how Bhavana Thaker started making small souvenirs or gifts that her guests could remember her by. It was through these gifts that she decided to do her bit for the environment and encourage others to follow suit as well. She started gifting planters, small plants and recycled products. They not only added a personal touch to them since she herself had made them but were unique too. “My biggest challenge was collecting the raw materials to make these products. Especially when I started getting orders for what I was making, sourcing empty bottles was such a big task. Today I have a big enough network of friends and customers who collect these bottles from their own homes and neighbouring areas and courier it to me so that I can recycle it,” she tells us. This too is an example of how they are doing their bit to help with the environment even if they aren’t the ones recycling it,” she adds. Bhavana runs the venture with her sister Archana Mohod who works as a scientist. Bhavana herself worked years in the IT field before she decided to stay at home for her children.
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