Meet the next gen wine maker

Polina Bosca

In the wine making business for decades now, the Bosca family has given to the world some of the best wines and Polina only hopes to keep up the good work

By Salonee Mistry

She met Rajiv Samant of Sula Vineyards about 10 years ago and shared with him her family’s philosophy of selling a product for non-wine drinkers and he was very interested in the concept. This marked the beginning of a great collaboration, one that has a bright future, she tells us. Polina Bosca entered the family business after earning a degree in Agriculture and a specialisation in Viticulture and Oenology. A member of the company’s board, she is in-charge of the agribusiness division and her responsibilities include managing over 700 acres of vineyards in Southern Piedmont and some DOC areas such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Muscat and Chardonnay. She also co-ordinates with the R&D department and supervises all new ventures around the world that use local grapes. When she isn’t busy at work, she loves spending time taking care of her children.

“Our father always insisted that we have some experience outside the company. While I knew I was interested in agriculture, I had not planned on entering the family business. Everything just happened to fall in place and I could not be happier with the work that I do,” she says. Coming from such a strong lineage, the pressure to deliver is quite high. The quality must be perfect after all. The factory is in constant evolution and it aims to have the most modern equipment and apply innovative concepts, so the struggle is pretty much an everyday thing, she adds.

Bosca sells all over the world, easy to drink Spumante, which is created to attract those that don’t like traditional wines. The concept is to give the consumers a wine that is easy to drink, aromatic, pleasant and low on alcohol content. This concept was studied by Bosca over 40 years ago and sold in many countries. It took them more than six months to develop the right product specifically for Indian taste buds. Talking about India she adds, “I love the culture and the people. I feel at home here. What I like about the Indian wine market is that it is a very fast growing one and it also a surprise me every single day.”
The Bosca Cellar has now become a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Polina and the family are extremely proud of their achievements. “It is a great honour as we worked on it for 10 years before receiving the nomination,” she says.
The biggest challenge that she and her team face is to get as many people as possible attracted to wine and give them alternatives. They will soon be launching a non-alcoholic Spumante-certified Halal called Toselli. Making this product a success is Polina’s next big challenge. Currently, it has been selected by Alitalia Airlines as a welcome drink on their Milano to Dubai flight and it is indeed a step in the right direction, she believes. The plan for the future includes getting their wines to China. “We are very keen on growing there and building a loyal Chinese consumer base with the Bosca spumante wine,” she tells us.

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