Pune student-made “Shelby Cobra” runs a Maruti 800 engine

Pune MIT students create a replica of Shelby Cobra 427, the iconic sports car of 60s

By Romil Kothari

MIT students Vishnu Prathap and Suyash Kalbhor have created a replica of the Shelby Cobra 427, said to be the fastest car of its time, as part of their final year project of the PG diploma in Transportation Design course. Their professors had suggested the project.

“We started working on the project in August 2015 and it has taken us about nine months to complete it. Almost everything, from chassis to suspension was made in-house, except for the lights and engine. We used a Maruti 800 engine in our Shelby replica,” said Suyash.

The team included five core members including their professor Donshong Koren. Rs five lakh was sanctioned for the project. “The money didn’t come in all at once. We had to keep taking advances from the college. When there was no money, our professors chipped in from their own pockets. We spent around Rs 3.5 lakh to Rs four lakh on the project,” said Vishnu.

It was easier said than done as many of the parts were not available, so they made these parts themselves.

“We worked 10 in the morning till 1 am at night on most days. We used to sleep in college, eat in college and didn’t go home for days on end,” said Vishnu.

Core member Deepak Vijayan worked exclusively on the fibre glass body, and tried to make it look just like the original Shelby Cobra 427. “We have come very close to the original Shelby, like 95 to 98 per cent as far as aesthetics are concerned. Few will realise that it was made here in MIT Pune. Being a design institute, we were not focusing much on the technical aspect, but we wanted to closely replicate the Shelby,” said Donshong.
Dongshong believes that this experience will enable them to undertake projects on an even bigger scale.

About Shelby Cobra 427
The iconic 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 was said to be the fastest car of its time. Designed by American automotive designer Carroll Shelby in association with AC cars, a British car manufacturing company, the Shelby could go up to 100 mph in just 10.3 sec and had a top speed of 265 kmph.


Originally published at thegoldensparrow.com.