Rain causes house collapse on Taboot Street

Old two-storey building collapses on Taboot Street in Camp area, owing to incessant rains

A two-storey house on Taboot Street in Pune Camp collapsed at 12.10 am on Thursday night/Friday morning, owing to the incessant rains. The Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) had issued a notice to the house owner regarding the unsafe condition of the building. The house was vacant and no casualty was reported.

PCB officials said that house number 762 on Taboot Street was unsafe. Residents had complained about the unsafe structure to the PCB, when a part of the building had collapsed in 2011.

Section Engineer of PCB, M B Sabale, told TGS, “We had sent a notice to the owner but he did not comply. Then we sent a notice to the tenants, but even they did not comply. There is some conflict going on between the tenants and owner.”

Neetu Gidwani, 45, a resident of the area said, “My house is adjacent to the house which collapsed. We saw when the house came crashing down. There was lots of dust as the house collapsed. PCB had already sent a notice to the owner.”


Another resident of the area Agnes Raphel said, “There was a community toilet adjacent to the building which collapsed. All the debris fell on the toilet and we are unable to use it now. Mostly senior citizens live in this area.”

Ground floor occupants Victor D’Cunha and Brotto Emle and top floor occupant Mohini Harjani and Bejan Irani had vacated the house a year ago.

Another resident, Allen Hodge, 47, said, “Neither the owner nor the tenants lived in the house. The building is left there just to cause us harm. We had complained to the PCB earlier, but they did not take any action and just stuck a notice on the board. Part of the roof had collapsed in 2011. With the monsoons, the place was soaked with water. But the PCB did not visit the place before the monsoons.”

There are many old structures in PCB area. Asked about the status of such buildings, B Sabale, said, “We do routine surveys of buildings which are old and send then notices. Only when the building is in a totally dilapidated condition are we are allowed to demolish it, otherwise we just send them notices.”

The PCB administration demolished the hazardous part of the building and removed the debris in the afternoon.


Originally published on The Golden Sparrow

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