Roll Camera Action!

With d-day looming just past the horizon, it’s all about spending some quality time before the shenanigans take over every breathing second. Meet four couples who’ve added their own little twist to wedding photography

Shimmering red bridal trousseau, excited family members and a memory that you will remember for life. While the day of the wedding is one of the most cherished memories for every bride and groom, the days leading up to the big event are even better, what with the excitement of beginning a new chapter of life, shopping, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and innumerable functions. Most recently, there has been an addition to the list of things that one looks forward to when the marriage is just around the corner. Pre-wedding and engagement videos are the in thing this season and every couple you know is getting one. Shooting them is fun as they give participants a celebrity feel. Plus, the shoot is considered to be a great way to capture memories forever. TGS caught up with the couples who got these wedding trailers made and had an amazing time hearing their experiences.

Alifya and Hussain
Until the two of them met their video planner Mariya Zoheb, they weren’t even sure if they wanted to make a video. Not particularly comfortable being in front of the camera, posing at times and then seeing themselves on the screen was a somewhat awkward experience for both Alifiya Patla and Hussain Khambati. Being in a relationship for about five years before they decided to get married, the two had a great time on the shoot. “We were initially not sure if we wanted to get the video made. Now that we have, it is easily one of the best experiences we have had together. It takes away all the wedding stress and creates a memory forever,” explains Alifiya.

When they met with the team for the first time they were shown two or three places before they decided to finalise on Divyagadh. Since they had a time constraint, a chunk of the shoot was done at night as soon as they reached the spot. While being comfortable in front of the camera was not the easiest, the team made the couple feel at ease and about 90 per cent of the shoot was as candid as possible to ensure that it represented them in their truest form. “Be it an arranged or love marriage, we recommend that everyone get a pre-wedding shoot done. It not only gives the couple some time away from the wedding madness but it is also is a chance to get to know each other better,” she says. Adding, with no one around, shoots like this have the potential to reveal aspects about your partner’s personality that you never knew, however big or small they might be.

Rashmi and Swapnil
Dating for three years, this young couple is madly in love. A lot of planning, shopping and discussions later, they decided to make a wedding video which was a welcome change of pace amidst the celebratory chaos. Apart from planning that they were going to get a video shot Rashmi Magar and Swapnil Kudale had absolutely no idea what was in store for them. “There were so many people getting their videos made that we decided to get one too. I am actually glad that we did. I got to experience things that I otherwise would not have; Swapnil picking me up for instance, or running down a beach with seagulls,” says Rashmi, looking so radiant, making it evident that she was reliving it all.

Going to the photographer for the first time, there were just a few things that the two of them knew they wanted. They didn’t want to style, absolutely wanted to keep it as natural as possible and be in nature. These are thing that they both love and so it was necessary that it was a part of their video. The shoot was held over a weekend since there was not much time on hand. After fixing the location at Divyagadh, on the photographer’s recommendation, they decided the basic clothes that they would need and headed out to spend some much-needed quality time. “Most of the process was natural. We did not even know where the cameras were sometimes. It was only during special scenes like that of the sand play or running down the beach which had some retakes, she recollects. All in all, it was a great experience for both of them and one that that they will not forget. The two days that they spent away from everyone else, was a memory that they say they would have probably not got. It’s an experience of a life time, vouch the couple.

Shweta and Hemant
Keeping it a tad bit more traditional, economical and simple this couple went with doing a photo shoot and turning it into a video for their wedding guests. A few candid moments along with some photographs, made the content for the happy couple Shweta and Hemant Salvi’s wedding video. “We wanted a bungalow, nature and sunset. Packing bags with all our clothes, we headed out to Mahableshwar, for some quiet time. They shot the photographs at the same location throughout the day, just a week before they were all set to get married.

The video was more along the lines of a teaser to their marriage. “Since we had invited only a few guests over for the engagement, the teaser was for everybody. It was a fun way about telling them our story and was easy at the same time,” Shweta tells us. It took them about two to three months to actually get the video made as there were a lot of discussions. They were constantly rushing through everything and squeezing the shoot into their already tight schedule was even more difficult than being in front of the camera. The couple went along for the shoot only knowing of the clothes they were going to wear. Matching attires, clichéd poses and a complete poetic and Bollywood feel, the pre-wedding video was just as good as a film teaser, the couple recall.

Siddhant and Kaehalee
Although the two of them wanted to do what was trending, they wanted to add a twist of their own. Their video had to be different from the ones they had seen others shoot and had to be about them from start to finish.

Siddhant Shinde and Kaehalee Ghorpade met on the basketball court and this is where they got their pre-wedding video shot too. “Basketball is the one thing that both of us really love and it also holds a special place in our relationship. Shooting on the court was an easy decision and keeping it all simple was another major factor,” says Siddhant.

They got permission to shoot at the Deccan Gymkhana and in no time had a layout for the video ready. Staying away from all the mushy and clichéd romantic style of making the videos, the two of them wanted clips that represented their love and yet managed to be edgy. “On the day of the shoot, I was super anxious. I was suddenly quite aware that the camera had its eyes on me, recording every move,” he recalls. It took the couple two months to fix a date for the shoot since both work and have fixed schedules, which were already adjusted to incorporate marriage functions and shopping tours. The one reason why they initially weren’t so sure about getting the video made was simply because of how their families might react. The two decided to go ahead with it anyways and are super happy that they did.

People behind the camera
Just about five videos old, Kreative Angles helps preserve memories through video and photographs. Mariya Zoheb who is the visual communication in-charge, or looks after the creativity, lead photographer Saurabh Ghiya and operations manager Faeza Amar got together to do what they do best and give couples across the city a memory for lifetime, be it through the videos they made or the events they organised. All three of them agreed that pre-wedding and engagement videos area a new craze and something that no one is willing to compromise on. They all want to do something different, out of the box, and yet want it to simple. The creative for such videos are not only challenging, but fun too.

Aniket Wasnik and Shreyas Mudholkar of Blue Beret brainstorming their next shot

Nodding his head in full agreement Shreyas Mudholkar from Blue Beret believes that the biggest challenge is getting the couple to look at their video with a fresh perspective. He says, “Most couples go trough a lot of videos and photos and set a fixed picture of what pose or feel they want for their shoot. We get them to change tracks by making them interact and this brings out the actual aroma of their relationship. Sometimes it reflects for only for a few seconds and we have to capture it as is.” Pursuing the camera since his first year of college and ever since living it Aniket Wasnik, co-founded the Blue Beret along with Shreyas. Earlier, they’d worked individually on some projects and, in 2013, they decided to join forces.

While the final video might seem like a piece of cake the preparation is anything but easy. We asked Mariya to tell us what the pre-production scene was like for the videos they make and the one thing that she stresses on is to make the couple comfortable is a must. The best way to do this, she points out, is to just let them be. “We don’t plan much going into the shoot, other than the clothes, the song and the location. The element of spontaneity is what brings out the best of the couple and gives the video a real sense,” she says. It’s always our aim to make this the craziest day of their lives one that they will always remember. 
Blue Beret too also has no fixed process and they try not to keep one either. Location, attire and time are the main factors that control the theme of the shoot. The couple is guided to wear what will suit them as a pair and what they are most comfortable in. Locations are based on exploration rather than tried-and-tested ones. A story is churned out, if need be, and this is based on how they can magnify the couples love for each other.

Mariya Zoheb and Saurabh Ghiya on an outdoor shoot and Faeza Amar

Every couple has a set of touch points that bring out their funnier side. Once those are tapped, the session turns out to be a rib tickling debate on He, She and Us. “There are times when we find a prohibited scenic location worth giving a shot, which we capture like a covert operation. There was this one time I had to big talk with a set of cops while Aniket captured the frames with the couple,” recollect Shreyas.

While on outstation locations for the shoots, Kreative Angles always makes it a point to get a lot of moments in terms of data to be prepared for any changes or problems that they might face while editing the video. Pre-planning for the team also involves understanding what the couple wants by talking to them separately and together. This helps them get an idea of how the couple will be on the day of the shoot. Shooting these videos even for the team is a lot of fun and each time the learning is a new one, Mariya tell us.

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