Ruby Hosp refuses to admit poor patient

The 40-year-old patients’ family alleges that he was discharged hastily and later refused admission

A 40-year-old patient suffering from heart disease and chronic alcoholism was forcefully discharged from Ruby Hall Clinic after nine days of treatment. When he returned to get himself admitted to the hospital a day after the discharge, the hospital denied him admission in the required ward, and put him on waiting for more than 35 hours in a casualty ward. The hospital’s social medical workers are reluctant to admit him under the Indigent & Weaker Section Patients (IPF) scheme, and say that there are no beds available under the scheme. The patient’s kin say that the hospital is denying him admission and forcing them to take the patient out of the hospital.
 Vishal Raju Pardeshi, resident of Yerawada, is a labourer. After suffering a mild heart attack, he was admitted to Ruby Hall Clinic at 6vam on July 23, in the Critical Care Unit (CCU) under the observation of chief cardiologist Dr P K Grant. As he is poor, he was having treatment under the IPF scheme under the provisions of Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 free of cost. After treatment in CCU, he was shifted to the general ward, and on August 1, he was abruptly discharged from the hospital without his relatives being informed.


“After having tea at the canteen, I went to the bed where Vishal was, but he was not there. After inquiring with neighbouring patients, I came to know that the doctors forcefully asked him to leave the hospital, and he left weeping,” said Sanjay Kalokhe, maternal uncle of the patient. Vishal came home by autorickshaw but he was not feeling well. His relatives and mother Latabai brought him to the Ruby Hall Clinic on August 3 in the afternoon. But in spite of admitting him in the patients ward, he was neglected in the casualty ward, which is only for emergency patients. After some time, he was shifted to the next ward where surgery patients are kept.

“I have been suffering from constipation, swollen legs and now I am unable to walk. Not a single injection, saline or any other medication was provided for me, as the doctors have dumped and neglected me here,” said Vishal, the patient. After facing admission issue, Vishals’s relatives reported the incident to charity medical superintendent Abhijit Anap. “Anap called one of the medical social workers and asked him to admit the patient, but these medical social workers say that they are waiting for their colleague and after that will admit him,” said Kalokhe.

When TGS visited Ruby Hall and asked one of the medical social workers why the patient was not being admitted under the IPF scheme, she called up another medical social worker, Sneha Yadav, and asked her to do the procedure of admission. Asked her why the patient was denied admission for 27 hours, she answered, “We are preparing his file.” Kalokhe went to Yadav and requested him to write an application to admit the patient, and said she would check whether there was any bed available. After giving the written application with required documents by Kalokhe, the medical social worker collected it and dumped it on the table, and all the medical social workers left at 5 pm after locking the cabin. One month ago, joint charity commissioner Shivaji Kachre had ordered all the private hospitals to appoint medical social workers 24×7, but Ruby does not seem to pay heed.

Dr S K Mohapatra, assistant director (medical services) and in charge of the casualty under whose observation Vishal is, said, “Medical social workers did not give me any application and other documents to admit him. We are monitoring the patient and after the completion of the necessary documents, we will shift him to a ward.” Another doctor from the casualty said that the patient needs ICU support and other treatment but they can’t do anything, evading the procedure. Dr P K Grant, chief cardiologist and Chairman of Cardiovascular services & Managing Trustee of the Ruby Hall Clinic, said that there may not be beds available so that’s why patient’s admission was delayed.

After 46 hours of waiting in the casualty ward, Vishal was admitted to Ruby Hall Clinic cardiac ward C-23 at 12 pm on Saturday.

Originally published on The Golden Sparrow

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