Sex racketeer behind bars, finally

The arrest of Kalyani Deshpande brings down the curtain on her illegal activities

With the arrest of 46-year-old Kalyani Deshpande (alias Jayashree Umesh Deshpande) on August 4, the police nabbed the elusive notorious sex racketeer. Deshpande is a woman having high contacts. Though under the police scanner since 1998, she has not mend her ways. The Kothrud Police made the arrest. On July 20, police raided a flat in Bhusari Colony, Kothrud, and rescued three girls hailing from Mumbai. Though her agent Ravi Tapase was nabbed, Deshpande managed to escape.

The court had externed her from the city limits in February 2014 for a two years after the police arrested her in October 2013 in a sex racket case.

Kalyani Deshpande

Kalyani Deshpande

When her involvement was found in a murder case at Haveli Police Station, in 2005, Deshpande was booked under Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA), 1999. She was later discharged for lack of evidence. The Deccan, Kothrud, Vishrantwadi, Hingewadi, Chaturshrungi, Hinjawadi and Haveli rural police have booked many cases against her under the Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act (PITA),1956, since 1998. But she always managed to get bail. In April 2012, the State Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), had arrested an inspector and a constable of Hinjawadi police for allegedly asking for money from Deshpande’s relative Jatin Chawda for not demanding an extension of her police custody in a sex trafficking charges. So not only she has strong networks in organised crime but also uses her relatives to free her from criminal cases.

Hailing from Pune, Kalyani married an autorickshaw driver. Her modus operandi was to operate sex trafficking through escort agency. She used to run escort agency Venus from her Sus Road bungalow. In December 2007, her close aide Anil Dhole was found murdered at her Sus bungalow.

Despite being involved in sex trafficking and under the police scanner, Deshpande used her ‘contacts and sources’ to evade arrest. Police allege that she had a strong network with established hoteliers across the city and in many parts of the country and her illegal business was centered on her high-profile criminals and hoteliers, girls coming from well-off and educated families and foreigners and resourceful aides. Investigation officers claim that her ‘girls’ used to receive as much as Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000. Some of her aides include Ravi Tapase, Anil Dhole, Shivaji Tapase, Bhayya Pathan, Vishwanath Narayan Shetty and Pradeep Gawli.

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