Smita waiting to play unglamorous roles

Smita Gondkar’s next film Mr. and Mrs. Unwanted is all about a couple juggling between personal and professional life

Marathi films have been known for exploring uncharted territory and churning novel subjects for their audience. This trend continues with the upcoming movie, Mr. and Mrs. Unwanted starring Rajendra Shisatkar of Crime Patrol fame and Smita Gondkar of Kantabai Chi Selfie in lead roles.


The film revolves around the life of corporate couples who are forced to make difficult choices in life. Riya played by Smita Gondkar is an event manager while Rajesh played by Shisatkar works as a manager in a private bank. “The film is about a couple and their struggle to reach an equilibrium between their private and professional lives. I play an independent working woman who wants to explore the world. She juggles work and family and her priorities change with situations,” says Smita. The film has already won the Best Jury Mention Film and Best Actress awards at KIFF (Kalyan International Film Festival) before it’s release, while it has also been nominated and won the award for ‘Best Social Film at NIFF (Nashik International Film Festival).

Smita tends to be typecast as a ‘glamorous’ heroine in the Marathi movie industry. She had been around for a while, but it was one particular music video that catapulted her into the limelight.

“I am thrilled with the response the Pappi de Paru la music video received. It brought me closer to the audience. People recognise me with this song, and it feels great,” she says.

She has acted in films like Vijay Dinanath Chouhan, Hip Hip Hurray, Ashi Fasli Nanachi Taang, among others. Having played glam roles throughout her career, Smita now wants to experiment with different characters. “It’s a coincidence that most of my films have been comedies and commercial in content. I do like playing glamorous characters, but I sincerely crave for other roles too. I was undernourished as an actor, till this film came to me. This films brings out the emotions and moods I haven’t done in the past,” she says.

Smita feels that she has the capability to get under the skin of the character. “In my next film Bhay, I play a young married girl, and in the next Machivarala Budha, I play an Adivasi. So I am glad that parallel cinema too is coming my way,” she says. She will soon be seen in the play Saujanya Ki Aise Taise directed by Kedar Shinde.

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