Spotted deer found dead near garbage pit in Warje

Forest officials deny poaching incident; post-mortem report awaited

The citizens of Warje Malwadi area were shocked to find the body of a spotted dear (chital) near a garbage pit on June 2 evening. They alerted the Warje Malwadi police station and the body was handed over to the forest department for post-mortem.

“We got a call from citizens about the dead animal found in a garbage pit. We rushed to the spot and found flesh tore loose from the deer’s stomach. So, there is a possibility of the animal being chased and bitten by stray dogs. The body has been taken to Aundh Veterinary Hospital by the forest department,” said Hawaldar Girish Dhapare of Warje Malwadi.

Denying the possibility of poaching, Assistant Conservator of Forest Mahesh Bhavsar said, “We will be able to say anything about the exact cause of death only after receiving the post-mortem report. Normally poachers don’t work near human settlements as there is a high risk of getting caught. So, it might be stray dogs’ attack or an accident. We will file a case under the Wildlife Act after getting the post-mortem report.”

Residents allege that they have noticed wounds near the animal’s skull and its horns were missing.

Spotted deer or Chital are found in the forests near Pune and is not a rare animal species.

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