The People’s Chef

After working in the culinary world for over 19 years, the only thing that defines success for Chef Pradyuman is the smile that his food brings on the faces of the people eating it

Just like for so many of us, his grandmother was the best cook in the world for him. She always made the most delectable version of everything and it is this feeling that he hoped his food would inspire in others too. He started cooking in 1996 when he was 20 years old and fell in love with it so much, that not only did he make it his profession but a preoccupation. Chef Pradyuman is always thinking of ways to push boundaries when it comes to food and is constantly juggling ingredients in his mind to conjure up new recipes. It is this love and passion that keeps him motivated. So, the next time you head to the Marriott Suites for a meal, make sure to say hello and try some of his specials.


With the philosophy that food should be cooked using only fresh ingredients and in a hygienic kitchen, he has worked in several restaurants and hotels across the world and has been with the Marriott Suites for the past five years. Previously, he worked in Malaysia for six years and even in the Mediterranean region for a while. “My stint with cooking began while I was living in a hostel and cooked for my friends and myself. The appreciation from them was extremely motivating and this got me researching food. It was then that I realised that it could be turned into a career and the decision was almost immediately made,” he recalls. Everything that he has learned over the years, the previous day and the people that he meets become his inspiration when he enters the kitchen. For Pradyuman, the most rewarding moment for him as a chef is when he sees the person eating his food smile.

The biggest challenge he faces is finding loyal staff that will stick to the hotel or restaurant for a long time. Changing trends also keep him dabbling, he tells us. Adapting to whatever is present in your kitchen and being able to think on your feet is a quality that he feels every chef must have. Asian cuisine is his favourite and Chinese in particular. He not only loves eating it, but cooking it too. Apart from this, since he hails from Uttarakhand and has grown up eating the delicacies from there, Rajma Chawal and Rice prepared by his grandmother, of course is also a favourite.

“I believe that the definition of success is to be able to smile after a tough day. If you smile, it only means that you are satisfied. If you are satisfied it implies that you like what you are doing and that the job is done well,” he explains. For him, happiness is an achievement in itself whether it is big or small. Meeting new people while on the job and being inspired by them is routine. In the future, he wants to travel to learn more about food and keep growing.

Originally published on The Golden Sparrow

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