Wanna know what car you’ll buy next?

Three years ago, Amit Kalantri foretold that a man would buy a BMW and inexplicably the prediction came true. Make time to catch a glimpse of his stunning art of magic and mentalism

There would be no pigeons, no rabbits, and no lady being sawed into half. For city-based mentalist Amit Kalantri, these are all age old tricks. The engineer, published writer, professional magician and mentalist hopes to widen the scope of illusion. Christopher Nolan’s movie The Prestige, which is based on illusionists, aroused an interest in mentalism.

The movie inspired him to understand the creativity and intelligence involved in the art of magic and mindreading. “People here don’t know much about mentalism. If you observe people well, their body language tells you what they are going to do next or what they are thinking of,” says Amit. Once he latched on to the art of observation, there was no looking back for Amit. He researched and read a lot of books on mind-reading.

Amit started with the usual number tricks and went on the master high-end illusions like clairvoyance (sixth sense), telepathy (communication of thoughts), Telekinesis (ability to move objects with the mind), divination (fortune telling), memory feats, among others. “Every physical motion we make is based on some kind of thought. We just can’t hold it in and it has to leak out from somewhere. What I do isn’t supernatural,” he explains.
Amit’s show next week will comprise of all this and will have him standing three-feet away from the first row to mesmerise you with his mentalism and mind reading skills.

The biggest challenge for him is to convince people who feel uncomfortable around him and those who believe in superstitions. “Some people think I have psychic abilities but it’s not so. Mentalism is related to magic but without the sleight-of-hand,” he adds. His shows are intimate and interactive with a pinch of drama, humour, astonishment, and mentalism.

Amit has applied his conjuring tricks while dealing with personal and professional life a numerous times. He claims it helps him make important decisions and negotiate with people in day-to-day life. Having performed over a thousand shows across India, he is now all set to perform in his home city. The highlight of his show will be the Predict Your Future Car session. “In one of the shows, I told a guy that he would buy a BMW in three years. He laughed at that moment but after three years he called me to say that my prediction was right and he wanted to give me a ride in his new car,” he smiles.


Originally published at thegoldensparrow.com.